Looking for a job can be a difficult and time-consuming process, so it’s important to start off on the right foot. That means having a resume that follows industry standards and gets hiring managers to take notice. An effective resume can make the difference between getting called for an interview or getting left behind.

Perhaps you’re feeling the pressure to produce an excellent resume and don’t know exactly how to begin. Using an example to work from, such as our sales associate resume sample, is an easy first step to get you going in the right direction. You can also compare your resume to the sample to determine how yours stacks up in terms of best practices.

It’s also good to know that you don’t have to be a professional writer to craft a resume that sets you up for success. Follow our writing tips to ensure that your resume makes the grade, even if writing isn’t your strong suit.


Sales Associate Resume Sample

Jennifer Milwood
Denver, CO 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-3267


Friendly and professional sales associate with a passion for connecting customers to the right products and services. Dedicated and determined about setting strong sales targets and meeting them on a consistent basis. Excellent communicator with a knack for building lasting customer relationships.


  • Outgoing and customer-service oriented
  • Excellent listener, with ability to solve customer issues
  • Enthusiastic about helping customers meet their needs
  • Effective at educating customers about product and service benefits and functions
  • Conscientious at maintaining a clean and inviting shopping environment
  • Diligent in continued learning and training
  • Determined and focused, with goal-driven mindset

Work Experience

Showroom Demonstrator and Sales Lead, May 2011 – Present
Johnson’s Fireplaces and Stoves, Denver, CO
  • Greet customers upon entering large fireplace and hearth showroom and inquire about their needs
  • Show customers appropriate fireplace models and additional accessories and demonstrate their use and benefits
  • Help customers work within their stated budget and arrange for professional fireplace or stove installation
  • Conduct follow-up customer service checks with all clients
  • Created customer loyalty program that increased repeat business across 25% of existing accounts in first year
  • Listen to any customer problems or complaints and help resolve their concerns in a satisfactory way
  • Lead weekly sales meetings with sales team to review goals and conduct team-building exercises
Sales Team Member, February 2010-April 2011
Harper’s Children’s Boutique, Denver, CO
  • Worked in girl’s department of large children’s clothing boutique, managing displays and sales
  • Maintained visually interesting clothing displays and crafted new window displays on a biweekly basis
  • Greeted customers upon entering girls’ clothing department and helped them locate appropriate styles and sizes
  • Involved local community in charity fashion show that raised $5,000 for local charities and increased customer mailing list by 100 clients
  • Attended customer service training seminars
Sports Department Floor Staff Member, January 2009-January 2010
Home Base Sports Center, Denver, CO
  • Assisted customers in finding sporting equipment in large sporting goods store
  • Helped with product demonstrations and assembly
  • Participated in annual company community sporting day to promote active lifestyle and wellness
  • Rang up customer purchases and performed returns and exchanges
  • Received 95% satisfaction rating on quarterly customer feedback reports


Bachelor of Liberal Studies, June 2011
University of Colorado

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Is This a Good Sales Associate Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume effectively show how the jobseeker possesses the previous experience necessary to be a successful sales associate?

Definitely! In the sales associate resume sample, the jobseeker lists in various places how she has assisted customers in selling products in a variety of settings. For example, she describes how she has demonstrated products and accessories and helped customers find products they were looking for, as well as other skills that a hiring manager will be looking for in a sales associate.

Is the resume easy to read and engaging so that it encourages a hiring manager to read further?

Yes. You can see how the candidate arranged and formatted the resume to make it clear and precise, using bullet points to emphasize her most important skill sets and past experiences. In describing work history, the sales associate resume sample gives a strong action verb to lead off each bullet point, so the resume is inviting and dynamic.

Does the resume demonstrate how the jobseeker’s personality suits the position of sales associate?

Absolutely! Personality traits, also known as soft skills, are an important addition to your sales associate resume. Showing these skills gives a hiring manager an idea of how you interact with clients in a variety of sales settings. The jobseeker in the sales associate resume sample lists traits such as “outgoing and customer-service oriented,” which are important factors in a sales position.

Does the jobseeker show how she has made specific contributions to her past positions in sales roles?

Yes. In each of her previous work experiences, the jobseeker lists an accomplishment that made her an asset to the employer. In addition, she uses accomplishments that have metrics, or measurable results, which further strengthens her credibility. An example of this is “received 95% satisfaction rate on customer feedback surveys.” This shows how the jobseeker performed successfully in her past sales role.

Does the resume demonstrate the educational requirements necessary for a position as a sales associate?

It sure does! The sales associate resume sample has a brief section at the end of the resume for listing educational credentials and degrees. The jobseeker here has listed her college degree in liberal studies, which provides a broad general background in college-level coursework. While not all sales associate positions require college degrees, listing any higher education or certifications can help you get an edge on the competition.

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The Most Important Sales Associate Resume Sample Takeaways

It’s clear that by having an outstanding resume, you can increase your chances of having a hiring manager call you for an interview. The sales associate resume sample is a good jumping-off point for ensuring that your document meets the basic standards to excel in your job search, by using best practices such as strong action verbs and relevant skills. Metrics and easy-to-read bullet points can help paint a more complete picture of your value. If you need extra help crafting your resume, simply use our resume builder to create a topnotch document.