You will need to craft an exceptional resume that underscores your unique skills and talents if you want to land the job you want. Having a strong, well-written resume is important to your job search; if yours is unprofessional, the hiring manager may not call you in for an interview. Fortunately, by using a sample resume tailored to the industry you work in, you can develop a better idea of what companies and recruiters are looking for.

Reading our store manager resume sample and accompanying tips is a great way to start the writing process. Once you are done reading, you should have a better understanding of what to include in your own document and how to structure it so it is readable and organized. Drafting the perfect resume can seem hard at first, but with the aid of our sample and a bit of creativity, you can write something that impresses even the pickiest of hiring managers.


Store Manager Resume Sample

Aaron Holmes
Salem, MA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-5555


Professional and hardworking store manager with more than a decade of experience in the retail field. Capable of supervising multiple employees and providing superior customer service, even during busy times. Direct experience handling finances, resolving conflicts, and scheduling employees using company software programs.


  • Dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Operation of POS (point of service) technology
  • Employee conflict resolution
  • Inventory management
  • Stellar written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of basic bookkeeping practices
  • Store cleaning and organization
  • Returns processing

Work Experience

Store Manager, July 2015 – Present
New Item Retail Store, Boston, MA
  • Address customer questions and concerns in a professional and prompt manner
  • Resolve conflicts between employees and take disciplinary action when needed
  • Ensure that store is neat and well-organized when opening and closing; assign employees to clean on a regular basis
  • Schedule employees and complete time-off and vacation day sheets; submit sheets to company payroll department
  • Reduced customer wait time in line by 40% over the last seven months and during major holidays
  • Help customers find necessary products and order them online if store does not have them in inventory
Shift Supervisor, May 2011 – June 2015
Brickfield Grocery Store, Salem, MA
  • Directed and assisted employees during regular business hours and during the holiday season
  • Ensured store operated efficiently be communicating with various departments when needed
  • Fulfilled managerial duties during the absence of managers and supervisors
  • Trained and educated newly hired employees about their position and store policies and procedures
  • Made sure all registers were accurately balanced at the end of each shift with 100% accuracy
Cashier, January 2007 – May 2011
Brickfield Grocery Store, Salem, MA
  • Processed customer transactions using POS system; returned items that were unnecessary or damaged to correct department
  • Bagged groceries according to company policy to preserve food and reduce risk of contamination
  • Processed coupons, gift certificates, and other store discounts for customers
  • Helped resolve minor pricing issues and discrepancies; notified managers of resolution
  • Balance cash register and ensure all funds are present prior to end of shift
  • Received “Employee of the Year” award twice


General Diploma, 2003
North Salem High School

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Is This a Good Store Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume emphasize the candidate’s leadership skills?

In the store manager resume sample above, the writer showcases his leadership and supervisory experience. In the work experience section, he lists two previous managerial roles, and his summary statement underscores his ability to manage multiple employees. As a store manager, he will be responsible for making difficult decisions at times and handling several issues at once, and his resume shows that he will be up for the challenge. When applying for a managerial role, always show that you possess the ability to take control.

Does the resume mention customer service?

If you want a company to hire you as store manager, you will need to discuss your commitment to customer service. As a store manager, you will interact with customers from all walks of life, and if you do not enjoy assisting them, you will not be successful in your role. The store manager resume sample mentions this dedication to customer service multiple times throughout, and in the work experience section, the writer includes tasks involving working with the public.

Does the resume focus exclusively on retail experience?

When applying for a job as a store manager, you will need to prove you have experience in the retail field. Avoid including information about jobs in other industries, and always try to show career progression. If you include information about unrelated jobs, it can distract from your more pertinent experience in the field, and the hiring manager may refuse to call you in for an interview.

Does the resume include a balance of hard and soft skills?

The store manager resume sample does include an appropriate number of both hard and soft skills. The jobseeker lists skills such as “customer satisfaction” and “conflict resolution” along with “inventory management” and “bookkeeping.” By including a mixture of hard and soft skills, you can show the reader that you are a well-rounded individual with a wide variety of professional talents and abilities.

Does the resume sample prove the candidate can work well with others?

The store manager resume sample emphasizes the candidate’s ability to manage others. No one wants to hire a manager who is not friendly or capable of supervising employees, and if you want a position as a manager, you will need to show you are capable of working well with others. The summary statement, skills section, and work experience section all include information about the candidate’s managerial and socializing skills.

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The Most Important Store Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

By taking a few notes from the store manager resume sample, you can create a resume that separates you from the crowd, in a good way. Including the right balance of hard and soft skills can show you possess a diverse range of talents and abilities. You should also remember to tailor your resume to the retail industry and prove you have the ability to manage other individuals. If you still need further assistance writing your resume, take a look at our resume builder first.