If you want to attract the attention of the hiring manager and convince him or her to call you in for an interview, you will need to write a strong resume that emphasizes your professional skills and qualifications. This can be difficult, but by referencing a sample of a well-written resume, you can avoid making common errors. It is always helpful to read over an example so you know what to include and how to properly format your own document.

When you are ready to begin, our business development executive resume sample and its accompanying tips can help you along the way. The resume is carefully written, and each section includes information that virtually every hiring manager in the industry will be looking for. There is no need to let resumes intimidate you, and with a bit of hard work and the desire to do your best, you can produce a document that outshines everyone else’s.


Business Development Executive Resume Sample

Cynthia Wilson
Baltimore, MD 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-5555


Experienced and versatile business executive development with a proven track record of stellar professional performance. Capable of thoroughly assessing the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, and drafting realistic and effective improvement plans. Able to assess the financial, human resources, and organizational needs of companies in various industries with great success.


  • Survey and assessment creation and analyzation
  • Exceptional oration and teaching skills
  • Instruction manual writing
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of effective recruiting and staffing strategies
  • Statistical analysis
  • Able to work with a diverse array of clients
  • Intermediate finance and accounting training

Work Experience

Business Development Executive, January 2014 – Present
Smith Business Consultants Inc, Baltimore, MD
  • Oversee a team of 20–30 business development professionals on a regular basis
  • Draft development strategies to maximize the revenue and output of clients and their employees
  • Help employees and clients understand overall business concerns and address grievances in a professional manner
  • Work closely with human resources professionals and recruiters to create more effective and efficient hiring policies and procedures
  • Present employee findings in seminars using a variety of charts, graphs, and publications to help companies understand their current situations
  • Recognized as “Most Influential Business Development Executive” in area two years in a row
Business Development Manager, March 2011 – December 2013
Kline Financial Consulting Firm, Baltimore, MD
  • Supervised and provided support to a team of entry-level business development professionals
  • Helped create seminar and training materials for clients and their workers
  • Assigned highest performing professionals to conduct training courses and client meetings
  • Helped companies better understand their financial situation by analyzing financial information and presenting findings to appropriate department
  • Identified gaps in production processes that caused clients to lose money and waste resources
Business Development Associate, July 2008 – February 2011
Kline Financial Consulting Firm, Baltimore, MD
  • Monitored the costs and expenditures of various companies and used computer programs to analyze them
  • Performed a variety of administrative tasks as needed
  • Provided support to higher level executives during presentations and meetings with clients
  • Coordinated enrollment in workshops and development classes for clients
  • Voted “Employee of the Month” December 2008


Master of Business Administration (MBA), Human Resources, 2007
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Bachelor of Science, Business Management, 2004
Minor in Psychology
University of Maryland, College Park, MD

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Is This a Good Business Development Executive Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume sample emphasize the candidate’s leadership skills?

Anyone applying for an executive position will need to prove they possess the skills necessary to manage and direct others. The business development executive resume sample does this by underscoring the fact that the candidate manages 20–30 individuals in her current position. It also provides details about how the candidate provides support to her workers in various situations.

Is the education section of the resume adequate?

When a person applies for an executive position, it is always in their best interests to include relevant details about their educational background. Most executive positions call for extensive education, and many require an MBA in a specific field of study. The business development executive resume sample includes information about all the candidate’s degrees that relate to the field of business. The candidate can also list the psychology degree since the field is relevant to human resources.

Is the resume free of misspelled words and grammatical mistakes?

The business development executive resume sample above is totally free of misspelled words and grammatical errors. No jobseekers should make simple mistakes, but executives are held to an even high standard, so a misspelled word or lost punctuation mark can doom your resume. Before submitting your resume to the hiring manager, be sure to run a basic spell check and proofread it yourself.

Does the resume only include strong action verbs?

No one wants to read a boring resume, and if you are applying for an executive position, you will need to include language that evokes emotion in the reader. The business development executive resume sample utilizes strong verbs such as “direct,” “supervise,” and “support” throughout, and so should yours. When writing the work experience section of your resume, you should be sure that each entry starts with a strong, unique action verb that is in the correct tense. Candidates should apply this idea to the opening statement of the resume as well. For many jobseekers, it is a good idea to use a thesaurus.

Does the work experience section show career progression?

The work experience section of the resume sample lists the candidate’s current job as an executive, and her previous lower-level jobs as well. When candidate list their jobs in this manner, it shows they have accumulated a wealth of skills during the life of their career, implying they are ready to take on an executive position. Before submitting the resume, be sure the jobs are in reverse chronological order.

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The Most Important Business Development Executive Resume Sample Takeaways

By reading and referencing the business development executive resume sample, you can gain an understanding of what an effective resume looks like. As mentioned above, your document should place a significant amount of emphasis on your ability to direct and support others. If you want to appear professional, you should also be sure it does not contain any misspelled words or grammatical errors. If you need additional help writing your resume, try taking advantage of our resume builder.