When searching for a new job, you cannot afford to underestimate the importance of your resume. This simple document makes all the difference to employers. In fact, many hiring managers have said that candidates’ resumes are the only piece of information they use when deciding whether or not to call a candidate back for an interview. To improve your chances of landing the job, you need to create a resume that catches the eye, clearly and effectively communicates all your skills and qualifications, and hooks readers immediately so they will read your resume in its entirety.

This inside sales resume sample demonstrates exactly what a strong resume looks like. Just implementing the same writing strategies and organizational principles goes a long way toward making your resume stand out from the crowd. To help you even more, the resume sample has an included writing guide which goes into deeper details about what strategies the sample uses.


Inside Sales Resume Sample

Lindsay Harper
Chula Vista, California, 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-9852

Summary Statement

Professional and talented sales expert with nearly 10 years of experience working in the sales industry. Have maintained a mastery of negotiation, upselling, problem-solving, and conflict resolution strategies by putting them into practice on a daily basis. Regularly combine strong sales knowledge with excellent communication skills, and always strive to be as successful as possible.

Core Skills

  • Communication skills, including interpersonal, professional, verbal, and written
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution abilities
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership and management experience
  • Critical thinking and evaluation
  • Analytically minded and attention to small details
  • Proficient with Office Suite and standard sales software
  • Confident using all standard office appliances
  • Strong customer service skills and strategies

Work Experience

Account Manager – January 2015 to present
Johnson Sales Firm, San Diego, California
  • Oversee all interaction with client accounts assigned to me
  • Manage no fewer than 12 client accounts at any one time
  • Interact with clients, making sales, answering inquiries, and providing product information
  • Encourage long partnerships with clients by establishing stronger relationships
  • Provide advice and guidance to all sales representatives who interact with assigned clients, both to correct and improve behavior
  • Improve sales for accounts under my supervision by more than 10%
Inside Sales Representative – August 2011 to January 2015
Johnson Sales Firm, San Diego, California
  • Used standard office equipment, including computers and phones, to interact with clients and make sales
  • Reviewed client information prior to contacting them to create a more effective strategy for closing sales
  • Fine-tuned sales practices to improve success rate with clients
  • Implemented corporate sales strategies to adhere to standard policies and meet expectations
  • Maintained client satisfaction rating above 90% for three years
Sales Representative – November 2008 to August 2011
Southwest Sales, Chula Vista, California
  • Created sales reports which detailed sales numbers, client information, and expenses
  • Implemented standard sales techniques at all times when interacting with clients
  • Performed research on clients to better understand their needs and expectations
  • Remained tactful and respectful for all client interactions
  • Exceeded monthly sales quotas for 95% of months over three years


Bachelor of Science in Communication
University of San Diego, 2010

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Is This a Good Inside Sales Resume? Let’s Check

Does this inside sales resume sample focus around sales knowledge?

It does, and so should yours. As you would expect, having the skills necessary to close sales and interact with clients is the most important aspect of any resume in the sales field. You cannot focus on these skills too much. You should mention them in every section of your resume, including the summary, skills section, and work history. Communication skills are also vital, and you should mention them several times as well.

Does this resume sample demonstrate or describe the candidate’s qualifications?

It demonstrates them. The inside sales resume sample does this by including real numbers and metrics. This is a simple strategy that greatly strengthens any resume. In this resume sample, the metrics are the bottom bullet point for each position. Having metrics in your resume boosts its credibility and gives readers a better understanding of which unique benefits only you could bring to the table.

Is this resume sample written confidently and charismatically?

It is. The tone and style of a resume is an often overlooked aspect. While it is not nearly as important as the content or format of the document, it is another aspect that you can manipulate to improve your chances. Employers are looking for workers who are confident and charismatic, and this is especially true for sales positions. You can communicate this aspect of yourself with your resume’s tone.

How well does this inside sales resume sample flow from one section to the next?

Very well. The flow of a resume is important because it determines how much of the document hiring managers will read before moving on to the next applicant. For employers to consider you for the position, you need to catch their attention with your summary and guide them through to your work experience section. This resume sample accomplishes this by keeping the early sections brief. The summary is only three sentences and the skills section is easy to understand at a glance. They guide the reader straight to the work history section, which is the largest and most important section.

How effective is this resume sample’s work experiences section?

Very effective. This inside sales resume sample includes three related positions, which is the ideal professional experience. If you have fewer jobs to describe, include more bullet points per position to fill the section out. No matter what, your work history section should be dense so it gives the impression you have extensive experience.

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The Most Important Inside Sales Resume Sample Takeaways

By following this inside sales resume sample, you can make your resume as strong as possible. Remember to include real metrics to add credibility to your writing, focus on making the work experience section the meatiest and strongest section in the document, and establish your sales experience and expertise more than any other professional qualification. If you need more help getting started on your resume, use our free resume builder tool. The intuitive tool will help you start the writing process.