If you want hiring managers to call you in for an interview, you will need to create an exceptional resume to catch their attention. This can sound daunting, but with the help of a sample, you can speed up the writing process and make things easier. The sample can show you what to include in your resume, as well as the appropriate format and structure to use. Properly formatting your resume can make it easier to read.

By referencing our sales consultant resume sample and accompanying writing tips, you will be ready to write your own resume in no time. Each section contains essential details to help you avoid common resume mistakes that can jeopardize your job search. With help from our guide and the drive to produce a document that stands out, you can create a resume that proves you are the best candidate for any job you apply for.


Sales Consultant Resume Sample

Charles Jacobs
Springfield, IL 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-5555


Intelligent and personable sales consultant with an in-depth knowledge of the most advanced sales and marketing techniques in the industry. Capable of advising large companies and crafting highly effective sales strategies with easy implementations. Able to work one-on-one with individuals or with entire teams or departments.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Sales statistics analysis
  • Conflict and customer complaint resolution
  • Training program coordination
  • Marketing tactics
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Cold calling
  • Phone etiquette
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office

Work Experience

Sales Consultant, May 2015 – Present
Windchime Consulting Partners, Springfield, IL
  • Provide businesses with detailed and helpful feedback regarding their approach to sales and marketing techniques
  • Assist small and midsized companies with the creation of strong and effective sales strategies possible to employ on all levels
  • Show companies how to train and educate sales staff in an engaging and respectful manner
  • Help companies increase revenue and productivity by focusing on improving existing sales strategies
  • Increased the revenue of three companies by more than 150% over the last year due to consultation
Sales Representative, April 2012 – February 2015
Westlake Appliances, Springfield, IL
  • Marketed commercial kitchen and cleaning appliances to a variety of companies, government agencies, and organizations
  • Trained existing sales staff and helped implement new company sales techniques at the start of each new year
  • Scheduled face-to-face meetings with potential clients to discuss the value and usefulness of company products
  • Ensured small team of 10 to 20 employees had the resources to effectively sell products when necessary
  • Recognized as “Employee of the Month” in November 2013
Sales Representative, January 2010 – March 2012
E & J Software Technology, Springfield, IL
  • Helped sales department create unique and effective sales strategies to increase revenue and productivity
  • Demonstrated effectiveness of software programs to individuals and companies on a regular basis
  • Ensured marketing materials such as graphs and brochures were accurate and visually appealing prior to presentations
  • Contacted government agencies to assess their needs and offer software solutions
  • Recognized for successfully closing 87% of all assigned accounts during 2010


Bachelor of Science in Marketing, 2009
University of Illinois, Champaign, IL
Graduated cum laude

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Is This a Good Sales Consultant Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume emphasize the outcome of the candidate’s sales approach?

The candidate is applying for a position in sales, so he needs to provide metrics and show he is capable of convincing others to purchase a product or service. The sales consultant resume sample does this effectively by discussing how many accounts the candidate closed in the work experience section. The resume also includes information about various awards the candidate won, which can further prove he is an accomplished salesman. Companies want to see tangible end results, not just a list of responsibilities.

Is the skills section specially tailored to the sales industry?

The sales consultant resume sample includes a skills section that only includes hard and soft skills relevant to the sales industry. It lists skills such as “cold calling” and “training program coordination” to show the candidate possesses the skills needed for a successful consulting career. When listing skills, always be as specific as possible, and avoid including skills that are not related to the job you are applying for. Mentioning such skills will only distract the reader.

Does the summary statement “sell” the candidate?

When writing a resume, the summary statement should essentially “sell” the candidate, especially when the candidate is applying for a career in sales. As a sales consultant, your summary statement will be your first sales job with a new employer, and you will need to craft a strong statement if you want the hiring manager to believe in your abilities and call you in for an interview. The sales consultant resume sample opens with a powerful summary, and so should yours.

Does the resume underscore the candidate’s communication and social skills?

In the world of sales, socializing is a major part of success, and if the hiring manager does not believe you are an effective communicator and socializer, you may not get the job. The sales consultant resume sample discusses the candidate’s ability to demonstrate products, provide feedback, and work well with others.

Is the resume readable?

The resume sample is free of grammatical errors and properly formatted to make it more readable. Hiring managers must peruse dozens of resumes on a daily basis, and if yours does not appear professional or attractive, the hiring manager may not take the time to read it at all. Before submitting your resume to a company, always proofread it and be sure it is correctly structured and easy to comprehend.

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The Most Important Sales Consultant Resume Sample Takeaways

The sales consultant resume sample can be a powerful reference tool, and by consulting it, you can write a document more likely to get you hired. As always, be sure your resume only includes skills that are relevant to the sales industry. You will also need to show you are an effective salesperson who knows how to successfully interact with clients and create a strong marketing strategy on your own. If you require additional help, take a look at our resume builder.