Make sure your first introduction to hiring personnel is positive and inspiring with the help of our sales professional resume sample. With a well-written resume on hand, you can compare your own document, finding areas of weakness and updating any out-of-date information. The resume sample can serve as a standard after which you model your own resume, using formatting and section information to work through each area of your personal document.

Did you know sales industry professionals look for different information in a resume than hiring professionals from other industries? We’ve provided writing tips, specifically chosen for the sales industry, to help you make the appropriate decisions regarding how to format your resume and what to include in the document. A winning resume is just the first step in advancing along your career path, but it is an important step. Use our resources to ensure a strong start and a successful venture.


Sales Professional Resume Sample

Cory Nguyen
Georgetown, Texas 11111 • coryxnguyen@anymail • 555-765-9876


  • Experienced sales professional with more than 23 years’ verifiable history of exceeding company expectations and successful team management.
  • Persuasive communication skills and ability to identify opportunities, build relationships, and promote sales, resulting in increased profits.
  • Adept negotiator with ability to convey belief in products and generate customer interest while maintaining positive customer loyalty.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Inventory management
  • Skilled promotion development
  • Superior sales group development
  • Excellent personal networking
  • Talented retail display creation
  • Computer proficiency
  • Fluent in Chinese

Work Experience

Area Sales Manager, 2004 – Present
Wimberley Corporation
Austin, Texas

  • Create short- and long-term sales promotions, resulting in cumulative profits exceeding $10K
  • Negotiate with vendors to decrease costs (by 5%) and increase profits (by 3%)
  • Develop a training program for sale associates, boosting individual sales average by 25%
  • Supervise opening of three new locations
  • Consolidate three locations into two, reducing the need for new hires and successfully transitioning existing employees
  • Implemented sales associate incentive program still in use today

Direct Sales Team Leader, 1999 – 2004
Leander Blanco Sales
Austin, Texas

  • Scheduled and hosted at least 10 sales presentations per month
  • Updated floor display to present new products in flattering light with comprehensive information readily available
  • Wrote and distributed company information to guests and other direct sales personnel
  • Coordinated team schedule, ensuring access to goods and spaces
  • Collaborated with client companies to obtain newest product information
  • Earned commendations for exemplary customer service with input from over 100 customers and coworkers

Sales Assistant, 1997 – 1999
Show Stopper Entertainment
Round Rock, Texas

  • Acted as connection between customers, clients, and sales representatives, earning reputation as “most friendly sales assistant”
  • Provided customer service through telephone calls and in person
  • Took and fulfilled orders with 99% accuracy during second year of employment
  • Coordinated instrument sales and rental procedures at beginning of school terms for over 500 students
  • Maintained mutually beneficial relationships with manufacturers and customers
  • Supported work of sales executives and store administrators


MBA in Sales and Management, 2004
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas

BS in Business Sales, 1999
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas

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Is This a Good Sales Professional Resume? Let’s Check

There are many career opportunities in the sales industry, but the work history of a jobseeker often impacts success along one career path. Does this sales professional resume sample accurately define the roles and responsibilities held by this sales professional?

Absolutely. One of the first statements in the summary identifies the applicant’s title and several following words give more understanding regarding the role of that professional. The title is “experienced sales professional” and other descriptive words include “negotiator,” “persuasive,” and “talented.” Each responsibility in the work history section begins with an action verb to clearly describe the jobseeker’s actions.

Much of the work and many of the objectives in the sales industry are similar from one workplace to another. Does the sales professional resume sample provide convincing examples setting this applicant apart from other jobseekers?

Each work experience heading provides at least one accomplishment, such as “earning reputation as “most friendly sales assistant” and “implemented sales associate incentive program, still in use today.” These accomplishments serve to describe a sales team member with an understanding of the importance of nurturing positive relationships and supporting the company.

Many employers expect to see some career growth in their prospective employees. Does the sales professional resume sample demonstrate growth and increasing responsibilities?

There are several areas where the resume shows this applicant advancing from lower-level positions to those with more responsibility. The job titles indicate a progression from sales assistant to area sales manager. The skills section offers examples of leadership skills and the current position includes supervision and training responsibilities.

Does the resume sample follow a modern format that is engaging and attractive, providing hiring professionals with the chance to pull necessary information from the document within a few glances?

Absolutely. All the information in this resume is professionally formatted with clear headers and bullets. The concise nature of the document allows hiring personnel to scan for the information they want to see without neglecting any important details. Following best practices, each list includes between five and eight bullets, keeping both the applicant and the hiring professional focused on the most important points.

Does the education section of the resume sample emphasize the applicant’s knowledge of best sales practices and methodology?

Although a specific education history isn’t always required for success in the sales industry, this applicant has an exceptional background with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sales fields. It is easy to see the positive effects of the education from the sales professional resume sample. The applicant graduated with the bachelor’s degree in 1999 and immediately moved up in position and responsibilities.

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The Most Important Sales Professional Resume Sample Takeaways

As you’ve learned, a strong resume improves your chances of advancing your career. Create an excellent resume to gain access to interviews and new opportunities. Follow our sales professional resume sample and use our writing tips to ensure your use of the best practices. Use an organized format, concise word choice, and distinct sections. Draw attention to your achievements with concrete numbers. If you’re looking for a little more help, be sure to check out the resume builder that accompanies our sample.