To move ahead in the hiring process, you need a strong resume that accurately portrays your background for hiring managers and recruiters. The sales rep resume sample below can help you craft a polished and well-organized document that includes a professional summary, skills and qualifications, work experience, and education. Spend the time to organize a resume that markets your skillset to employers, and make sure to include a mix of accomplishments and daily tasks in the work experience area.

There are several features this sample displays that you should consider as you create and revise your own resume. Employers often want to see jobseekers who have experience that closely matches the open position. With this information in mind, make sure to tailor your work experience to each position, and double-check each update for typos and spelling errors. Also, make sure to include percentages and dollar amounts that demonstrate your ability to meet departmental goals. You are well on your way to getting your next job with this sample and these writing tips.


Sales Rep Resume Sample

Mario Jefferson
Denver, CO 67377 • [email protected] • 555-473-6233


Professional sales rep with a friendly and outgoing demeanor. Experience with cold calling, site visits, on-site sales, and lead generation. Organized individual, with excellent follow-through skills.


  • Friendly and warm demeanor with a wide base of customers
  • Can handle a high volume of in-store sales during the busy seasons
  • Solid time-management skills
  • Working knowledge of wireless and cloud-based technologies
  • Can make 20-30 calls in an hour
  • Ability to stand and drive for long periods of time

Work Experience

Sales Rep – 2015-present
Glass Technologies, St. Cloud, MN
  • Sell technology and cloud services to individuals and small local businesses
  • Complete bulk orders from the parent company to keep supplies in stock twice a month
  • Call customers who express interest in the product on chat and the website
  • Received an employee of the quarter award in 2016 for exceeding sales goals
  • Created a referral program that boosted sales by 10%
  • Train junior sales reps on phone and in-person sales techniques
  • Submit weekly reports that outlines cold call completion, number of site visits, and closed sales
  • Participate in management training programs with other sales reps
Sales Rep – 2011-2015
Welcome Wireless, Bloomington, MN
  • Set up appointments for inbound sales with the lead generation software
  • Cold-call 20 business customers a day to promote hardware, software, and cloud solutions
  • Earned the top seller role for six consecutive quarters in 2014-2015
  • Researched on LinkedIn and other online tools to identify sales targets
  • Answered questions about products, warranties, and other wireless items in-store
  • Ordered and restocked low- and out-of-stock materials as needed
  • Served as the closing manager on weekends and held keys to the store
  • Upsold services and warranties to customers
Sales Assistant – 2008-2011
Wires and Digital Technologies, Springfield, IL
  • Assisted the account managers with introductory cold calls to new customers
  • Managed internal schedules for the sales department
  • Collected and archived weekly sales goals from account managers and other sales reps
  • Answered the phone for the department and provided introductory information about packages and options.


Associate of Business Administration, 2011
Central Community College, Springfield, IL

High School Diploma, 2008
West Banks High School, Springfield, IL

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Is This a Good Sales Rep Resume? Let’s Check

Does the sales rep resume sample show the jobseeker’s excellent customer service skills?

Yes. Sales reps need to provide excellent customer service and answer questions about the product or service. The candidate clearly does not shy away from completing cold calls or initiating contact with customers. This resume also shows he won awards for exceeding sales goals regularly. The candidate can clearly connect buyers with the company’s offerings.

Sales reps also need solid organizational and reporting skills. Does this resume show an ability to handle paperwork in a timely manner?

The sales rep resume sample provides evidence that the candidate is organized and handles tasks beyond the in-person interaction. Early in this applicant’s career, he collected sales metrics from other sales reps and account managers. This consistent reporting paves the way to good reporting habits in future positions. Another item to note is the regular follow-through on inbound sales calls to potential customers. Include any daily tasks that show your ability to stay organized while interacting with a number of customers.

Does this sales rep resume sample distinguish this candidate from other jobseekers?

The sales field is highly competitive, but there are a few points that distinguish this applicant from all the others looking for a job. First, this professional can handle inbound and outside sales, and some companies might need that hybrid skill set. In addition, holding keys to a store usually is a task that requires trust from management. This type of responsibility only goes to employees who demonstrate responsibility on the job. Finally, the candidate’s awards at two different jobs displays his commitment to go above and beyond the job description.

Employers want to see increased responsibility over time in their representatives. Does this sales rep resume sample show a forward career progression in a sales career?

Yes. The candidate started off in an assistant role, and then moved into sales roles with more responsibility. Some sales departments are flat in structure and do not allow for a lot of job title promotion. In this case, recruiters are going to look for on-the-job success and increased responsibility within the role.

Does the resume sample display clear writing and formatting?

Yes. The professional summary gives a succinct answer to the candidate’s abilities to handle different tasks. The skills and qualifications section provides hiring managers with a clear idea of the applicant’s core abilities. With the work experience, the jobseeker shows a comprehensive job history with more information about accomplishments and daily tasks. To wrap it up, the education portion displays any formal training relating to the open position.

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The Most Important Sales Rep Resume Sample Takeaways

Hiring managers want to identify candidates who have both the hard and soft skills for an open position. Make sure you offer specific metrics and accomplishments to back up your abilities and show you have the responsibility and motivation to make it in sales. With the sales rep resume sample and the writing tips, you are well on your way to creating a document that conveys to employers your abilities and experience. If you need further assistance, then the resume builder is also a valuable tool.