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Is This a Good Chemist Resume? Let’s Check

Does this chemist resume sample have the kind of education an employer wants to see in a chemist?

Absolutely. This candidate has three degrees in chemistry from outstanding institutions. She also has a minor in physics, which is a nice addition. If minors are pertinent to the job description, it’s wise to include them. Notice the inclusion of graduating with honors, in her case, summa cum laude, with the degree as well.

Does the summary of this chemist resume sample have the right content to interest a hiring manager?

Right off the bat the summary in this resume tells future employers the candidate is passionate about her work. She cares about accuracy and performing experiments correctly. These are all highly desirable traits in a jobseeker in the sciences. Her commitment to “meticulous work” implies integrity and test results her employer can trust. In addition, she has experience with lab equipment and research techniques, which are the necessary hard skills for a science job.

What does the skills section of this chemist resume sample tell employers about the candidate?

The skills section packs a punch with its strongly worded, concise statements. At a glance, future employers can see this candidate has all the hard skills they might want, such as knowledge of lab equipment, computer software programs, and math as well as analytical skills. In addition, she is efficient and organized, a boon to any lab. As a nice bonus to her skill set, she is able to get security clearances, as verified by her job experience with the Navy. Many companies require their scientist to have security clearances for their R&D projects or government contracts.

Does the work experience show the right kind of background for the position?

Yes. This candidate has had three previous jobs in very different industries, so she has applied her chemistry skills and knowledge in a variety of ways. She is currently working for the Navy, developing drug-testing methods. Previously, she worked in the food industry and for a testing laboratory. Each position gave her unique experiences and enhanced different skills. Combined, these experiences provide a strong, broad background.

How does this chemist resume sample look? Is it professional?

This is a beautiful resume. Notice the clearly outlined sections with bold headers. Brief statements and bullet points denote skills and job experience. Job experience is easily scanned with the position, the years of work, and the company heading up the list of responsibilities performed. This document is a great example of a professional, quickly read and understood resume.

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The Most Important Chemist Resume Sample Takeaways

Get your job search off to a roaring start by studying our chemist resume sample and following its example. Clearly outline your work experience with a bulleted list that shows not just your responsibilities, but your accomplishments and achievements as well. Make sure your skills and qualifications contain a mixture of hard skills as well as desirable character traits. Toss in a little personality to show hiring managers who you are. If you still need further help crafting the perfect resume, check out our resume builder for more ideas.