A well-written resume is an important part of your job application package because the first impression a hiring manager receives of your professional skills and experience is through this document. Putting time and thought into writing the best resume you can is crucial for improving your chances of attaining employment. The format, content, and organization of your resume can poise you for success or hinder your chances of making it into the interview round.

That is why it is necessary to put time and thought into creating a great resume. Since many hiring managers skim stacks of resumes to narrow down their choices, your document needs to impress from the start. Look at our research scientist resume sample for this position and think of how you can use it for inspiration in creating your own document. The associated writing tips can assist you in the formation of your content and category organization so you can present yourself with confidence.


Research Scientist Resume Sample

Thomas Lee
San Jose, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-7627


Experienced and analytical research chemist with graduate work in global health issues. Results-oriented medical researcher motivated to deliver tangible results. Proven multitasking success in the areas of information technology, scientific facility operations, and the intersection of the research laboratory and the medical marketplace.


  • Polymer, fat, and oil chemistry
  • Product synthesis and development
  • Ability to process complex combinations of data sets
  • Proven strong analytical and leadership skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experienced public speaker and meeting facilitator

Work Experience

Lead Research Scientist, August 2014 – Present
Pinnacle Medical, San Jose, CA

  • Lead all lab development projects, supervising staff and contractors performing routine research
  • Assure the integrity of analytical techniques in lab practice and prepare the facility for internal and external audits
  • Act as a consultant to sales and marketing regarding technical presentation and documentation of both current products and proposed projects
  • Analyze chemical compounds and support senior staff in all issues in fats and oils chemistry at the lab, including development and production
  • Perform organic and inorganic compound research and document analyses for future consideration, creating a database that speeds results batching by 50%

Research Scientist, July 2011 – August 2014
Harbor Medical Research, San Mateo, CA

  • Optimized current pharmaceutical formulations for lower production costs while maintaining equal efficacy
  • Supported multiple development groups through polymer chemistry research
  • Created new test product formulations under direction from the lead research scientist
  • Assisted in scaling up the production of newly-approved medications
  • Assured all research testing was correctly performed in compliance with accepted procedures

Research Assistant, May 2008 – July 2011
UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

  • Compiled research studies regarding measurement of health care quality
  • Assisted in report preparation and conducted medical literature searches for lead study staff
  • Analyzed healthcare consumer surveys in conjunction with medical records
  • Built a database analysis application that resulted in a 35% improvement in processing time
  • Examined processed data for significant primary correlations that point to the need for increased study


Master of Science, Global Health, 2011
University of California, San Francisco

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, 2008
University of California, Davis
Graduated with Honors

Member, American Chemical Society, 2006 - Present

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Is This a Good Research Scientist Resume? Let’s Check

Does the work experience section of the research scientist resume sample contain mention of measurable achievements?

Definitely! The applicant’s resume has multiple instances where his technical skills and scientific research knowledge made significant contributions to the workplace. A database analysis application he built significantly improved the processing time of research results. He again used these skills to speed up the matching of finished research analyses that enables future research to be more focused and insightful.

Does the education section show the applicant has the proper education to be a research scientist?

Yes. The listed education in the research scientist resume sample is clearly adequate for an experienced chemical research scientist. In addition to getting an undergraduate chemistry degree with honors, the applicant pursued graduate work in global health that broadened his expertise. This section is to the point and not cluttered with unnecessary entries.

Look at the summary and skills sections in this research scientist resume sample. Do they provide an appealing and well-rounded preview of the rest of the document?

Affirmative. The summary paints the picture of an experienced professional engaged in his work and driven to find results through research. It also points at his expertise in his profession. The skills section lists both hard and soft skills necessary in a scientific leadership role. The result is an enticing combination that will likely lead the hiring manager to read the rest of the resume.

Do the work history and skills section indicate that the applicant is a skilled professional in the research science field?

Yes. These sections of the resume clearly point to the skills learned in college and practiced over the years in his profession. They record his ability to generate, combine, and analyze research as well as his specialties in polymer, oil, and fat chemistry. The growing responsibility in his work tasks is also a testament to his skill in scientific research.

Is the resume easy to scan and read?

Of course. This research scientist resume sample format is optimal according to best resume writing practices. Each subsection has a title, and the use of bullet points frames the skills and work experience of the applicant. Each section of the resume focuses on just the necessary information the hiring manager needs and does not waste space on extra information that would obscure the applicant’s talents, experience, and education.

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The Most Important Research Scientist Resume Sample Takeaways

When you prepare an excellent resume, you are making a strong investment in your future career. Remember to modify your resume for every job you apply for, incorporating keywords from the job description into your document. This improves the chances the hiring manager will find you are a great fit for the position. If you need further help in writing your document, look at our research scientist resume sample and use our resume maker.