Resumes are imperative for professional positions, but these documents can also be helpful when applying to a training program like an apprenticeship. An apprentice electrician may have to undergo up to four years of training before becoming a licensed journeyman. Your resume should indicate your willingness to put in the effort and time necessary to become a certified practitioner.

Looking over a resume sample like the one below is a great way to understand how to customize your resume for the apprenticeship you are seeking. Start by bringing up your most relevant achievements, experience, and skills in your summary statement, and make sure that you list relevant skills for an electrician-in-training. Make sure that your education section meets any stated requirements, which may include a high school diploma or GED. Review our apprentice electrician resume sample before moving on to the questions and answers about best writing practices. These resources will give you a clearer idea about how to write a resume for an apprenticeship.


Apprentice Electrician Resume Sample

Cory Chapman
St Paul, MN 11111 • [email protected] • 555-325-6843


Qualifying score on Electrical Trades Aptitude Test in summer 2017. Strong mathematical and mechanical reasoning skills. Capable of working with others, communicating verbally, and following instructions.


  • Interpreting electrical and mechanical schematics
  • Using manual and power tools
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Basic wiring skills
  • Electrical troubleshooting and repairs
  • Following verbal or written instructions
  • Mathematical calculations
  • Maintaining safe work practices
  • Customer service
  • Color vision

Work Experience

Customer Service Associate, Jun. 2016 - Current
Riverview Electrical Supply, St Paul, MN
  • Respond to more than 50 inquiries from customers and contractors about inventory availability per week and place orders with suppliers
  • Provide assistance to customers in store and over the phone with planning repair projects or instructions for product use
  • Balance cash drawer nightly and organize order records and receipts for filing
  • Prepare orders for pickup by contractors and customers by boxing or readying larger items for pickup at store supply dock
  • Unload and stock standard inventory on shelves, including parts and components manufactured to exact size specifications, ensuring that labeling accurately represents items
Cashier, Oct. 2015 - May 2016
Wakefield Hardware, St Paul, MN
  • Rang up customers at cash register, processing all types of transactions and tax exemptions where necessary
  • Answered last-minute questions from customers regarding product pricing or parts and tools available for purchase or by special orders
  • Maintained accurate cash drawer count and credit and debit card purchase records
  • Packaged customer purchases in a safe and organized manner and assisted with safe checkout with large items
  • Calculated register purchase totals and reconciled with total store sales amounts
Contractor’s Helper, May 2015 - Sept. 2015
Harris Home Construction, St. Paul, MN
  • Assisted contractor with labor during the summer, including work on three remodeling jobs and five new homes
  • Dug ditches and performed other basic non-technical tasks to facilitate electricians’ work
  • Observed certified electricians performing wiring work and became interested in pursuing training to become an electrician
  • Cleaned up job sites at the end of the work day and participated in final cleaning for completed projects
  • Organized inventory at main office and loaded trucks with materials


High School Diploma - 2016
Johnson Senior High School, St Paul, MN

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Is This a Good Apprentice Electrician Resume? Let’s Check

Apprentice electricians are unlikely to have specialized experience in electrical work, as these positions usually require certification. Does the candidate emphasize the relevant qualifications he does possess in this apprentice electrician resume sample?

Yes, he does. The candidate covers his strongest qualifications, including a qualifying score on the Electrical Trades Aptitude Test, in the summary statement. He sets forth applicable skills and describes work experience that is generally related to the training he is seeking. He includes his high school diploma in the education section.

Are the accomplishments the candidate brings up in his summary statement likely to impress a selection board for an electrician training program?

Yes. A trainer skimming the summary statement in this apprentice electrician resume sample would see his passing score on a subject-specific test, mathematical reasoning skills, and ability to work with others and follow instructions.

An aspiring electrician should have abilities related to the training that he or she is pursuing. Does the candidate prioritize skills like using tools or interpreting diagrams that apply to the apprenticeship he is seeking?

All of the skills that this candidate lists are relevant for an apprentice electrician, from his mechanical aptitude to his customer service skills. His inclusion of color vision addresses an ability that is important for electricians to acknowledge, whether they can see a full range of colors or are color blind, though it is not an absolute requirement for employment in this field.

Applicants for an apprenticeship should show that their previous employment has taught them skills that they will bring to their professional training. Does this candidate describe duties applicable to a career as an electrician in the work experience section of this apprentice electrician resume sample?

Yes, he does. This candidate currently works at an electrical supply store where he responds to inquiries from customers and contractors. He relies on his mathematical skills, planning abilities, and capacity to make categorical distinctions in this role. His previous position at a hardware store also required these abilities. He points out that he performed basic tasks for certified electricians during his first summer job and remains interested in pursuing an internship.

Apprentice electricians are seeking to further their education, but they still must meet basic requirements, which often include a high school diploma or equivalent. Does the candidate list everything that a prospective trainer needs to know in the education section?

The candidate provides information about his high school diploma in the education section of this apprentice electrician resume sample. This includes his date of graduation and the name and location of the school he attended.

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The Most Important Apprentice Electrician Resume Sample Takeaways

Working electricians require certification for liability insurance to cover their work. For this reason, it is unlikely you will have experience that directly aligns with the training you are seeking, unless you have worked as an unskilled electrician’s helper or assisted a contractor like the candidate in this apprentice electrician resume sample. Show your character and ability to commit to a course of training that will take years to complete by focusing on relevant skills from extracurricular activities, training, or jobs. If you would like further guidance with formatting and organization, try our resume builder.