Employers don’t have a lot of time to wade through resumes when hiring new auto mechanics. They need to quickly assess the qualifications of each jobseeker who applies. This is where a well-written resume is your best friend. A professional document that clearly lists your skills and training in a manner that allows for a brief perusal is sure to help you stand out from the crowd. Candidates with strong resumes get more interviews and more job offers.

But how do you craft a strong resume? Studying our auto mechanic resume sample is a great way to start. This example shows you how to outline your experience and education, how to format correctly, and what background details you should include. We’ve also provided industry specific writing tips you can follow to prepare a perfectly polished paper. If you’re ready to get to work, take a look at the sample document below and find inspiration.


Auto Mechanic Resume Sample

Chris Langley
Fayetteville, NC 11111 • [email protected] • 555-285-4736


Skilled auto mechanic with 10 years of experience working on foreign and domestic cars including basic repairs and resto-mods. Excellent knowledge of computer systems and hybrid engines. Ability to diagnose problems quickly and make repairs in a timely, cost-effective manner.


  • ASE Certified
  • Part fabrication and welding skills
  • Estimate damage and repair costs accurately
  • Body repair, including repairing dents, replacing panels, part replacement, and surface prepping
  • Organized and clean in shop and work bay
  • NC State inspection and emissions license
  • Engine rebuild, including transmission and drivetrain
  • Can furnish own hand tools
  • Able to pass background check, and have clean driving record
  • Expert knowledge of computerized diagnostic systems

Work Experience

Auto Mechanic, August 2014 – present
Torfab LLC, Pinehurst, NC
  • Perform high-end engine conversions and resto-mods of classic and vintage cars
  • Keep accurate records of inventory and order parts when needed
  • Use computerized factory level diagnostics to correctly assess problems
  • Carry out inspections and provide routine maintenance
  • Ensure classic vehicles are road legal
  • Repair vehicles quickly with quality work
  • Completed Land Rover resto-mod that won an award at NCRS in 2016
Auto Mechanic, September 2010 – July 2014
Crown Car Care, Hope Mills, NC
  • Diagnosed and repaired electrical and mechanical systems, including AC and heating
  • Performed alignments
  • Replaced ball joints, rack and pinion, tie rods, etc.
  • Received national award for OSHA awareness and shop safety in 2011
  • Performed state inspections
  • Supervised collision repair team, overseeing part fabrication, welding, and prepping for paint

Auto Mechanic, August 2007 – August 2010
Cumberland County Schools, NC
  • Kept the fleet of school vehicles in tip-top running condition
  • Repaired and exchanged transmissions and differentials
  • Overhauled hydraulic brake systems
  • Performed routine maintenance such as replacing oil and air filters, changing oil, wiper blades, and brake pads
  • Drove fuel truck and dispensed fuel when needed
  • Inspected buses and other vehicles to ensure conformity with current state regulations
  • Shuttled buses and other vehicles to different locations


Associate of Science in Automotive Technology, 2007
Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville, NC

Continuing education course on hybrids and electric cars, 2014
Lincoln Technical Institute, Fayetteville, NC

NC State Inspection and Emissions license, 2011

ASE Certification, 2010

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Is This a Good Auto Mechanic Resume? Let's Check

Does this auto mechanic resume sample show the candidate has the necessary education for the job?

Yes. The candidate lists a degree from a technical community college in automotive technology. In addition, he has taken a continuing education course to update his skills on hybrid and electric cars, which is a good sign to potential employers that this jobseeker keeps his skills current. He has also gone the extra mile in obtaining his ASE certification, showing a commitment to quality job performance.

Does this candidate list relevant skills in the auto mechanic resume sample?

This candidate lists several hard and soft skills, which are attractive to future employers. Among his hard skills are part fabrication, welding, body repair, and engine rebuild. He clearly has a good selection of mechanical abilities. He also lists keeping his work bay tidy, his penchant for organization, and his ability to pass a background check. This is a valuable bit of information for companies that require employees to have clean backgrounds to get the job.

Does this candidate’s work experience show a diverse skill set?

Absolutely. In the auto mechanic resume sample, there are three previous jobs listed, and they each have a slightly different focus. The earliest job was caring for and maintaining public school vehicles, so the candidate has a lot of routine car and bus care experience. The second job was for a garage that performed various repairs, including collision repair. The third job is with a resto-mod company that specializes in vintage cars. Together, these three positions give the candidate a well-rounded background any employer would love to see.

Does this resume show the candidate has progressed in job responsibilities and has grown on the job?

The candidate has clearly worked his way up the ladder of mechanic responsibilities. In his first job, he was basically a wrench monkey for a school fleet. In his second position, he presided over the collision repair team and received an award for safety. In his third job, he is now working on resto-mods, a very exacting type of work that demands great skill. He also received an award for his resto-mod work.

Is this auto mechanic resume sample a professional document that is easily read at a glance?

Affirmative. The candidate used bold division headers and kept each section brief and to-the-point. Bullet points emphasize the skill lists, and the work experience is in reverse chronological order. The statements are short and concise, each beginning with an action word for clarity.

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The Most Important Auto Mechanic Resume Sample Takeaways

Give yourself the best shot at finding a great job by following the example of the auto mechanic resume sample. Write a compelling summary that tells employers what you can do and how well you do it. Create a strong skill list with a mixture of hard and soft skills. In your work experience, be sure to mention a few professional achievements that help you to stand out. Include a dash of personality and prepare for success.