Some make the mistake of thinking there are certain job openings that do not require you to submit a resume (with diesel mechanic being one of them). While it may be true that those looking to hire a diesel mechanic may not be expecting a strong resume, that does not necessarily mean that including one alongside your job application will not bolster your chances. Such a move conveys an added sense of professionalism and shows prospective employers how seriously you want the job.

Yet not just any resume will do. A poorly written document can hinder your chances of success. Thus the need for the diesel mechanic resume sample shown here. This will show you how to format and structure your own document. We’ve also included several writing guidelines to help you understand what sort of information to include and how to best present it. Using these resources will leave you with a resume guaranteed to impress those looking to hire in your industry.


Diesel Mechanic Resume Sample

Brad Backes
St. Louis, MO 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-4321


Seasoned diesel mechanic with experience in the construction, automotive and nautical industries. Familiar with diesel engine components and possess an understanding of technological tools available to help diagnose and remedy issues. Desire to work across multiple sectors with several different types of vehicles comes from love for understanding the mechanics of large machines and heavy equipment.


  • Professionally certified to work on Medium/Heavy Trucks through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)
  • Trained and verified to perform heavy equipment operations (HEO) through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)
  • Accredited to work on nautical engine components through the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC)
  • Well-developed eye for detail
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Outstanding manual dexterity and in good physical condition

Work Experience

Diesel Mechanic, August 2012 – Present
Big Z Construction, St. Louis, MO
  • Maintain the performance of a fleet of 15 pieces of heavy equipment and machinery
  • Operate primarily from central offices and dispatched to various job sites as issues arise
  • Troubleshoot problems with equipment using standard performance tests and computer-aided diagnostic equipment
  • Perform routine equipment maintenance prior to and at the conclusion of each project
  • Recognized by employer for helping improve overall job site productivity by 20%
Diesel Engine Specialist, May 2003 – August 2012
Moon Automotive Inc., Detroit MI
  • Tasked with running performance checks on recently manufactured heavy trucks and commercial-grade vehicles
  • Conducted stress testing to monitor engine output as well as vehicle fuel efficiency
  • Prepared tests reports for development team, making recommendations when necessary
  • Coordinated with diesel mechanics from partnering companies to share best practices
  • Credited with helping to develop updated fuel system on all wide-axle vehicles produced by employer in 2008
Diesel Mechanic, September 1999 – May 2003
Minsk Freight Managers, Los Angeles, CA
  • Serviced the four-stroke cycle large CI diesel engines on three 19,500 twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) container ships
  • Performed in-port inspections and repairs and collaborated with onboard mechanics during jobs done while in navigation
  • Assisted dock supervisor in creating maintenance schedule during non-navigation periods
  • Supported ancillary in-port operations as needed
  • Named as a member of the dock crew responsible for over 30,000 nautical miles free of propulsion-related issues


HEO Certification – 2012
National Center for Construction Education and Research, Alachua, FL

ASE Certification – 2004
Upstate Vocational College, Detroit, MI

Mechanic Certification – 1998
The American Boat and Yacht Council, Annapolis, MD

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Is This a Good Diesel Mechanic Resume? Let’s Check

Does the jobseeker list too much previous work experience?

When it comes to the type of experience to include on your resume, the focus should be on quality, not quantity. Having said that, you typically do not want to go back more than 20 years when listing your work history (unless a vast majority of that time was with the same company). Notice how in the diesel mechanic resume sample the applicant lists his work experience going back 18 years, and how the duties of each job he includes focused specifically on diesel mechanics.

Do fitness level and other physical characteristics belong on a resume?

This depends on the type of job you are applying for. Diesel mechanics work in what can often be grueling conditions where peak physical fitness is a requirement. Given that much of the work involves using their hands as well, a company looking to hire may want to know your dexterity level. It is for this reason that both elements belong in the skills section of the diesel mechanic resume sample.

Why are so many certifications included in the education section?

The jobseeker details a diverse work history in the diesel mechanic resume sample. While much of the skills he has acquired over the years were no doubt learned while on the job, employers are often limited to only hiring employees certified through professional accrediting agencies. In a profession such as diesel mechanics, where a simple mistake can often result in massive equipment failures, companies need to know their employees meet the highest training standards in order to avoid liability issues.

Why should you state a passion for the work you do in a resume?

Most assume that people applying for jobs enjoy the work they do, which is why it may seem odd that the jobseeker chooses to say he does outright in the summary statement of the diesel mechanic resume sample. Yet the work of a diesel mechanic can often be taxing and arduous, leaving some to view it as a chore. By the applicant stating he has a passion for understanding the mechanics of heavy equipment, he shows added commitment to his craft.

Are the technical details included too technical?

Given the importance of industry certifications in diesel mechanics, the jobseeker needs to detail his technical knowledge. At the same time, his resume is full of acronyms. Notice, however, how he prefaces all of his acronyms with full names, thus describing to readers exactly what he is referencing.

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The Most Important Diesel Mechanic Resume Sample Takeaways

While you never want to stray too far off from the format shown in the diesel mechanic resume sample, it is important you make your resume your own. That requires truly taking the writing tips provided to heart when creating your content. Show your passion for your work through the information you include in your resume, and include enough details (in the proper context) to prove to employers you are capable of filling the role they are hiring for. To get a head start on writing, try out our resume builder.