No matter what kind of job you’re looking for, it’s important to prioritize creating a strong and convincing resume. A professional resume is a key component to putting yourself at the top of the list of contenders for a coveted job with the best companies. When employers post job openings, they may get hundreds of applicants. Hiring managers only consider those with the strongest resumes for the next stage of the hiring process: an interview.

A good strategy to get yourself on the list of candidates for an interview is to show off your value to the potential employer. You should also aim to keep your resume interesting and easy to read. If you aren’t sure how to do this, look through some example resumes for ideas about wording and formatting. In the section below, you can start your research process with the painter resume sample. Additionally, spend time reading the writing guide to find more specific information and help for making your resume strong.


Painter Resume Sample

Jason Wye
Baltimore, MD 11111 • [email protected] • 555-593-8384


Capable and reliable painter with more than seven years of experience in remodeling and refinishing. Strong knowledge of a variety of painting techniques. Intuitive understanding of colors, light, and priming for optimal coverage.


  • Experience with interior and exterior painting
  • Focused on following all occupational safety and health standards
  • Expertise with all types of painting tools and brushes
  • Ability to mix, prime, and finish paint colors
  • Dedication to high-quality work and detail
  • Knowledge of customer service

Work Experience

Painter, Rialto Construction
April 2015 – present
  • Complete painting projects for interior home remodeling plans for three or more customers per week
  • Finish each stage of the painting process before deadlines at least 95% of the time
  • Apply specialized paint products to walls, trim, and other surfaces for unique design effects
  • Prepare the area for painting by placing drop cloths, taping surfaces, priming walls, and removing any furniture from the room
  • Showcase top work from previous clients on the company’s website, resulting in a 40% increase in business
Painter, Monroe Builders
March 2012 – April 2015
  • Painted interior walls, trim, and exterior surfaces using paintbrushes, rollers, and spray guns
  • Recognized as the employee of the month three times during employment due to top performance
  • Deciphered blueprints, project plans, and work orders to complete each project according to the specifications
  • Organized all painting materials for each project according to the schedule and ordered new materials as necessary
  • Applied excellent resource and tool management principles to keep things within the budget 100% of the time
Painter, George Ross Home Remodeling
June 2010 – March 2012
  • Led a team of four other painters and laborers to complete large-scale home remodeling projects for kitchens, bathrooms, and other interior spaces
  • Discussed paint and color ideas with clients and supervisors throughout the process and earned a 98% satisfaction rate with work
  • Created a safe and efficient work environment with no injuries or accidents
  • Developed custom colors for interior wall paint based on customer feedback
  • Treated wall surfaces before applying paint to ensure a smooth finish


Courses in Drywall and Home Painting – 2009
Anne Arundel County Community College, Annapolis, Maryland

High School Diploma – 2008
McArthur High School, Bowie, Maryland

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Is This a Good Painter Resume? Let’s Check

Does the painter resume sample show that the candidate has excellent work habits and dependability when employed?

Yes. In the summary statement, the candidate states that he is reliable. Next, in the skills section, he discusses his dedication to “high-quality work.” In the work history part of the resume, this candidate proves he has top work habits by showing he works within the project’s budget and completes all of his painting on time and before deadlines.

Painting requires a good eye for detail and an understanding of multiple types of coloring techniques and painting methods. Does this resume address this concept?

Yes. The painter resume sample includes sufficient information about the candidate’s experience with different types of painting skills. He has experience with all different types of painting tools beyond the traditional brush, according to the work history. He also talks about his understanding of colors and light in his summary statement to begin the resume.

Working in construction requires employees to have some comprehension of customer service. Does this painter resume sample show any understanding of working with clients?

The writer of this resume realizes the importance of the customer in this line of work. He lists “knowledge of customer service” as a qualification in the skills section of the resume. In his work history, the writer mentions experience with planning projects with the client. He also proudly shows off a strong customer satisfaction rate, which is further evidence of a commitment to pleasing clients.

Construction companies often need individuals who can help bring in new business to their companies. Does this painter resume sample have any evidence of the candidate’s ability to do this?

In a written resume, the writer must convince the hiring manager of his talent, which translates to more business in the home remodeling business. In the work history section, the writer talks about how his previous company featured his work on its website. Because of this, he states the company experienced a “40%” bump in business.

Does this resume sample use ideal verbiage throughout the document to help readers get a clear vision of the jobseeker’s experience?

This resume follows the best practices for word choice in resume writing. The work history section employs plenty of highly effective and vivid action verbs to start off each bullet point detail. The writer uses an arsenal of great verbs and doesn’t repeat himself when describing his past experiences and accomplishments. Previous jobs use past tense verbs and the current job uses present tense.

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The Most Important Painter Resume Sample Takeaways

With the right combination of strong skills in painting and experience in the field, you can present yourself as a skilled applicant with a well-organized resume. Candidates who want hiring managers to notice them need to spend more time on developing work history details and skills they want to include in their resume. An example document, such as the painter resume sample, can help you be more effective in your writing. It’s also beneficial to try the resume builder tool if you need to completely rewrite your document.