When you are ready to move onto a new job, you need a first-class resume in your professional arsenal. You may still have a job, or you may be out of work at the moment. Either way, you want to spend plenty of time revising your application so you feel utterly confident as you submit it to various hiring managers in your city. A good part of the revision process is to review a sample resume for the career you hope to get. For those wanting to work in construction, you should read our pipefitter resume sample.

You want to do more than passively read the sample. You need to really look at what the applicant gets across in the document. Look at the formatting of each section, and study what kind of language the applicant uses. After reviewing the sample and the writing tips, you are sure to be ready to alter your own resume accordingly.


Pipefitter Resume Sample

John Rudnick
Rapid City, SD • [email protected] • 555-555-6468


Certified pipefitter with seven years of experience in the construction industry. Proven track record of completing projects under budget and within the designated timeframe. Experience using numerous types of tools, including deburring tools, gas generators, hydraulic truck cranes, pipe bending tools, and power saws.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of scientific and analytical software
  • Proficient at emergency repairs
  • Understanding of construction and building principles
  • Ability to lift over 80 pounds
  • Excellent troubleshooting abilities
  • Great customer service skills
  • Color vision

Work Experience

Pipefitter – Superior Pipefitting, Inc.
2013 – Present
  • Assemble new piping systems according to provided specifications using a variety of methods, such as soldering, brazing, and welding
  • Use pipe benders and cutting torches to alter size and proportion of piping
  • Operate motorized pumps to remove water from a flooded area, including a time when team was responsible for serving as first responders to a destructive flood in 2014
  • Create blueprints to show to team members, and communicate details of the design specs to other workers
  • Prepare cost estimates for customers, usually offering a quote that is accurate to the final price tag
  • Install new fixtures, including low flow toilets and water efficient showers, around buildings
  • Plan the pipe layout with a full construction team to determine how to install pipes in a brand new house

Apprentice Pipefitter – Quality Construction, Inc.
2010 – 2013
  • Inspected worksites before the full crew arrived to see what issues required attention and what installations would be most advantageous for the property owner
  • Regulated new piping systems by installing automatic controls at over 80 properties around the city
  • Removed worn out components and explained new products to customers, discussing the pros and cons of each
  • Abided by all regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, successfully aiding in the company receiving an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Kept all job sites clean and organized while the team performed work
  • Loaded and unloaded materials from work trucks, ensuring all devices were ready to go before taking it away from the warehouse


Certification in Pipefitting from the National Center for Construction Education & Research

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Is This a Good Pipefitter Resume? Let’s Check

Pipefitters work with a lot of tools. Does this pipefitter resume sample mention a good number of specific tools used?

When you read a job description for an open pipefitting position, there is a good chance it will mention what tools pipefitters need to know how to use. Therefore, you want to mention specific tools you have used in the past. This sample does an exceptional job of mentioning various tools and pieces of equipment within the work experience section and Summary.

Does the pipefitter resume sample make it clear the applicant can work well under pressure?

A common component of construction jobs is the ability to respond quickly to emergencies. This jobseeker makes it clear he can handle those responsibilities by stating he responded to floods in the past. This specific achievement stands out to hiring managers, and you want to make sure you include personal accomplishments within your own application.

Pipefitters need a certain level of physical fitness. Is that evident from this pipefitter resume sample?

Pipefitters do not have to be athletes, but they should be capable of lifting heavy items and standing on their feet for hours at a time. The fact this applicant has worked in this industry for years indicates he knows what the job entails. However, he also takes it a step further by specifically mentioning he can lift 80 pounds of materials. You may see a pattern of how specific details work greatly in your favor when writing a resume.

Does the education section of this sample resume contain relevant qualifications?

Yes, it does. Most job descriptions state what level of education applicants need to successfully do this job. For pipefitters, a high school diploma is nice, but proper certification also helps greatly. To obtain that type of certification no matter what state you live in, you need to pass a test and complete a certain number of years of onsite training.

Is this pipefitter resume sample easy to quickly scan through?

An important thing most jobseekers do not realize is that hiring managers only spend about 10 seconds looking through a resume to decide whether it deserves extra consideration. This resume sample is short and sweet. The professional sample only contains three sentences. The skills and work experience sections utilize bulleted lists. You want that exact same formatting in your own application.

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The Most Important Pipefitter Resume Sample Takeaways

Before you start practicing your interview skills, you should take plenty of time learning how to adequately write a resume by reviewing this pipefitter resume sample. It is an important tool, so you need to spend an ample amount of time making sure it is perfect. Even a single mistake could be enough for a hiring manager to toss your resume into the trash bin. Give employers a reason to want to talk with you, and be sure to utilize our resume builder.