With a resume, you only have one or possibly two pages to show you are the best candidate for a company’s position. That means there is no room for irrelevant information. You simply need to convey how you possess the skills necessary to do this job and have experiences that will aid you throughout your time at the company. You cannot afford to allocate space to discussing skills that will not help you in the slightest. See what a perfectly optimized resume looks like by examining the technician resume sample here.

Another important aspect to consider is that a resume should always evolve. You do not want to go years between updating your resume with accomplishments and new experiences. Anytime something new happens in your life, your resume should reflect that. It is sure to help greatly the next time you choose to enter the job hunt, and the tips provided alongside the sample resume will help, too.


Technician Resume Sample

Lucy Cho
San Jose, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-8411

Professional Summary

Dedicated technician with 7 years of experience in the automotive industry. Skilled in producing accurate quotes for customers and completing projects within deadlines. Proficient at using a variety of tools to repair vehicles, including pneumatic impact wrenches, alternator testers, brake repair kits, and much more.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Familiarity with facilities management software, such as Automotive Shop Controller
  • Customer service prowess
  • Background in troubleshooting and fixing operating errors
  • Great safety record
  • Excellent control precision
  • Ability to lift up to 90 pounds
  • Capable of staying on feet for hours
  • Able to work safely around possible contaminants

Work History

Automotive Technician – Iron Hand Motors
2014 – Present
  • Inspect vehicles damaged in collisions to ensure all components are still in good condition, and make repairs as necessary
  • Provide estimates for repairs to vehicles, and help customers with payment plans
  • Repair brake systems on over 150 vehicles during time of employment, occasionally having to completely overhaul a car’s brake system
  • Fix a number of other defective components as required, including wheel bearings, ball joint suspensions, and torsion bars
  • Maintain customers’ hybrid electric vehicles, which required learning how to change their air filters and spark plugs
  • Diagnose problems when customers bring vehicles to shop, often going off little information to find root causes of issues
  • Retrofit fuel systems with evaporation control devices and lean burn devices to improve fuel efficiency and enhance combustion

Mechanic – San Jose Motors
2010 – 2014
  • Conducted visual inspections of vehicles, to ensure body and interior were in fine shape before allowing them to go off the lot
  • Replaced a number of defective components in cars, such as clutch systems, tailpipes, and mufflers
  • Installed electromagnetic lift systems to raise vehicles
  • Examined fuel systems to ensure there were no leaks or cracks
  • Trained over a dozen new hires in what to look out for when a faulty car comes in, and went over how to offer excellent customer service
  • Cataloged all jobs performed, stating what tools shop used and how much time job required


ASE Certification
Last updated certification in 2016

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Is This a Good Technician Resume? Let’s Check

Does the technician resume sample make it clear the candidate can handle all the tools and software associated with the position?

Yes. When it comes to something as intricate as being a technician, you want to show you already possess some knowledge in the field. Since the sample resume is about an automotive technician, the candidate lists familiarities with a number of tools. However, if you applied for a job as a chemical or biological technician, then you would want to list proficiencies that would be useful in those fields.

Does the candidate discuss having a good safety record?

Safety is of the utmost importance for technicians. It does not matter if you work with chemicals or power tools, you need to know how to handle them carefully so no accidents take place. On your resume, you want to emphasize your record. Hiring managers could then contact previous employers to verify the record.

Does the technician resume sample have the appropriate education and certifications to get a job in this line of work?

Yes. Specifically, it lists certification required for automotive technicians. For other positions, you may need a college degree or a different type of certification. Ultimately, you simply need to show you have acquired the knowledge to do this job successfully. Other information to include alongside the degree could include any honors you earned or specific classes you took.

Does the technician resume sample show the candidate can handle administrative duties as well as technically-proficient ones?

Yes. Technicians should be comfortable handling clerical tasks as well as detail-oriented ones. While you do not want to spend too much time emphasizing those experiences, especially if you have several years of experience, you should dedicate some space to discussing them. You want to show you can handle every aspect of a job, no matter how small.

Does the technician resume sample include numbers, facts, and figures?

Yes. An important aspect of any work history section is specific details. It is acceptable if some of the bullet points are a bit general. However, you want several points that emphasize the specific things you achieved. For example, the sample resume states how the candidate repaired the brakes for over 150 cars. Additionally, the sample resume does not simply say how the applicant fixed components, it provides specific names of components the jobseeker worked on. Those details make a pinpointed document stand out much more than a general one.

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The Most Important Technician Resume Sample Takeaways

You want the most important information about your work history within your resume. Feel free to add numbers and specific details that clarify what you have done in the past. The last thing you want is for hiring managers to confuse your resume with someone else’s. Take some pointers from the technician resume sample, and revise your own resume as many times as you need to until you are happy with it. Anyone requiring extra help can use our resume builder.