Your resume is one of the most important parts of your search to find an appealing logistics job. It is common for hiring managers to use this document exclusively when deciding which candidates to schedule interviews with. Additionally, many employers admit that they only spend a few seconds with each resume before moving on. Therefore, when you are writing your resume, it should be your goal to catch readers’ attention immediately and effectively guide them from section to section.

The following logistics resume sample includes everything you need to know how to make your resume as strong as possible. An eye-catching resume will manage both its content and format to make the information compelling, appealing, and easy to understand. The included writing guide goes into more detail about what the resume sample does well and how you can implement the same strategies to create a resume that effectively catches employers’ attention.


Logistics Resume Sample

Theodore Harlem
San Francisco, California, 11111 • [email protected] • 555-784-9851


Talented and capable logistics professional with nearly a decade of experience managing the logistical aspects of shipping companies. Implement an approach to logistics leadership focused on communication to facilitate good cooperation and teamwork in the warehouse. Utilize extensive analytical capabilities to evaluate different options and decide which is most effective and beneficial.


  • Highly organized and confident fulfilling administrative tasks
  • Critical thinking, evaluation, and analysis skills
  • Capable leader and manager
  • Good attention to small details
  • Extensive history in a warehouse setting
  • Excellent customer service abilities
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral
  • Proficient with standard logistics software

Work Experience

Logistics Coordinator – January 2015 to present
Pacific Manufacturing and Shipping, San Francisco, California
  • Oversee all aspects of the shipping and receiving department on a daily basis
  • Confer with warehouse managers, gathering information about warehouse efficiency or delays
  • Create schedules for outgoing and incoming packages
  • Inspect warehouse processes and procedures, making recommendations for improvement to managers
  • Create monthly logistics reports that include details and numbers relating to performance
  • Report logistical information to executives in quarterly board meeting, providing information, answering inquires, and making suggestions for improvement
  • Improve shipping and receiving efficiency by 10% over three years
Warehouse Manager – May 2011 to December 2014
Pacific Manufacturing and Shipping, San Francisco, California
  • Scheduled warehouse staff, taking labor needs and costs as well as individual talent into consideration
  • Interacted with warehouse workers, resolving conflicts and facilitating cooperation to improve efficiency
  • Oversaw all warehouse functions to ensure safety at all times
  • Managed safety policies to prevent accidents or injuries
  • Reduced warehouse accident rates by 50% over nearly four years
Shipping and Receiving Manager – August 2008 to May 2011
Pacific Manufacturing and Shipping, San Francisco, California
  • Ensured all packages were ready to ship prior to their scheduled departure time
  • Prepared packaging material so all products ready for shipment were not in danger of damage
  • Organized incoming and outgoing packages to ensure the delivery of all items to where they need to go and the distribution of incoming packages to the appropriate department
  • Improved shipping accuracy by more than 10%


Master of Science in Logistics
University of San Francisco, 2012

Bachelor of Science in Logistics
University of San Francisco, 2008

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Is This a Good Logistics Resume? Let’s Check

Does this logistics resume sample demonstrate good organizational abilities?

It does. As a professional in the logistics field, you know the importance of organizational proficiency and having control of the situation. This is one of the most important aspects that you need to communicate with your resume. Employers are looking for logistics experts who can handle many different responsibilities at once and can organize outgoing and incoming packages without becoming overwhelmed.

How effective is the flow from one section to the next in this resume sample?

Very effective. The logistics resume sample follows standard resume formatting techniques, which allow for precise management of the flow of the document. Notice that the summary is only a few sentences long. This is to keep readers from losing interest and quickly guide them to the next section. Most importantly, your summary should catch their attention with good information. The skills section is also minimal so the readers will reach the work experience section quickly. This is the first section that goes into deep detail about the writer’s qualifications and is your best tool for establishing your own set of qualifications.

Does this resume sample demonstrate or describe the candidate’s qualifications in logistics?

It demonstrates strong qualifications and so should you. This resume sample accomplishes this task by inserting clear metrics in the work experience section. Not only does this make the resume more credible, it directly communicates how successful this candidate has been in the past and what benefits employers can expect if they choose to hire him. Logistics is all about improving numbers, so your resume should include a lot of them. Metrics are usually best when they use actual numbers, but you can also opt to describe recognition or awards you have received.

Is this logistics resume sample written confidently?

It is. The tone of any resume is a difficult aspect to manage, but the best resumes take this aspect into consideration as well. This is especially important in this career because logistics is an area that requires professionals to make decisions, lead others, and delegate tasks. When writing, do not hesitate or second-guess yourself. Instead, confidently describe how you are the perfect candidate.

Does this resume sample establish strong leadership skills?

This logistics resume sample does. Leadership is another incredibly important attribute that logistics professionals must possess. We recommend mentioning your leadership and management skills in every major section of your resume. This resume sample includes leadership skills in the summary statement, skills section, and work history section.

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The Most Important Logistics Resume Sample Takeaways

Closely follow the example this resume sample provides to make your resume as strong as possible. Include real metrics to add credibility and more easily understood examples of how you can benefit employers. Think carefully about the format of your resume, using the expected organizational standards. If this logistics resume sample is not enough for you to feel confident embarking on the writing process, take advantage of our resume builder tool. It will help you start right.