Before you can get the job, you need to land an interview, and before you land the interview, you need a professional resume that introduces you to hiring managers in a remarkable and memorable way. Employers usually do not spend too much time initially looking over a given resume, so it is absolutely vital to tailor your document to the desired position and ensure that each important section showcases your top professional capabilities, experiences, and achievements.

A great way to begin creating your resume is to study a relevant example, such as our package handler resume sample. Compare your resume to our sample to see what areas need improvement, what information to include and exclude, and how to communicate your professional accomplishments. Use it for ideas on how to format your document so it is easy to read, understand, and remember. Review our additional writing tips for even more assistance with your resume-writing process.


Package Handler Resume Sample

James Miller
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-7349


Diligent package handler with 11 years of experience in preparing, handling, and delivering packages of all sizes. Proficient in inventory control, documentation, and efficient loading and unloading with an in-depth understanding of safety standards and procedures. Able to work any shift, safely carry packages up to 75 pounds, and perform minor repairs and preventative maintenance on packaging equipment.


  • Equipment handling and maintenance
  • Inventory control
  • Tracking software and processes
  • Loading and unloading
  • Scanning and packaging methods
  • Ability to lift up to 75 pounds
  • Record-keeping
  • Quality control and safety regulations

Work Experience

Package Handler, 2014 – present
Smith & Sons Shipping, Philadelphia, PA
  • Prepare packages for shipments to destinations ranging from local to international areas
  • Load and unload five trucks a day in a quick and organized manner to ensure efficient deliveries
  • Reorganize shelves and storage units within the warehouse to increase package recovery speeds by 25%
  • Examine packages for damages and follow proper protocols to address such issues when necessary
  • Train and supervise new employees on correct handling, loading and unloading, and tracking processes
Package Handler, 2010 – 2014
PATO Delivery Service, Philadelphia, PA
  • Received Employee of the Year for fast, safe, and error-free package handling
  • Documented incoming and outgoing packages to maintain an accurate record of shipping and delivery completions; recognized for 100% accuracy in record-keeping over four years
  • Stocked incoming packages and monitored inventory to promote speedy cycling of packages
  • Used preventative padding, support, and sealing measures when packaging to maintain product quality and customer satisfaction
  • Performed preventative maintenance on belts, scanning and tracking tools, and other packaging equipment as needed
Package Handler, 2006 – 2010
Alliance Shipping Services, Philadelphia PA
  • Lifted and carried loads weighing up to 75 pounds on and off delivery trucks
  • Organized packages according to weight, measurements, and destinations to expedite deliveries
  • Recommended and helped implement new tracking software that improved accuracy by 18%
  • Scanned and placed packages on correct conveyor belts to route them to appropriate destinations within the warehouse
  • Operated forklifts and other heavy machinery according to safety regulations and standards


Diploma: General Studies – 2005
Southern Philadelphia High School, Philadelphia, PA

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Is This a Good Package Handler Resume? Let’s Check

Does the package handler resume sample show that the applicant has skills in package preparation and handling?

Yes! The jobseeker states in the very first sentence of his summary statement that he has plenty of experience in “preparing, handling, and delivering packages.” He includes “scanning and packaging methods” in his skills section and expands on these skills even more in his work experience section to show he is qualified for a position as a package handler.

In addition to technical skills, does the package handler resume sample identify other professional traits or qualifications that may help distinguish the jobseeker as a suitable candidate?

It sure does! The jobseeker introduces himself immediately as a “diligent package handler” in his summary to suggest a strong work ethic. He also uses his summary to convey his ability to work any shift and asserts that he can “safely carry packages up to 75 pounds.” These may not be technical traits, but they are relevant and appealing qualifications to have as a package handler.

Does the jobseeker in the sample demonstrate an understanding of the tools and equipment that many package handlers need to use?

He does. He mentions this understanding in his summary and asserts a proficiency in “equipment handling and maintenance” in his skills section. He then demonstrates how he used his knowledge in his work experience section, stating that he performed “preventative maintenance” on tools and equipment and safely operated forklifts and other heavy warehouse equipment.

Is the content in the package handler resume sample completely relevant and arranged in a concise format that is easy to read?

Absolutely! The jobseeker in the sample includes only the skills, experiences, and accomplishments that might pertain to a job as a package handler. He keeps his summary within three sentences, uses short phrases in his skills section, and uses bullet points throughout the document. This enables hiring managers to skim the document quickly.

Does the applicant in the package handler resume sample include measureable achievements to increase his chances of impressing hiring managers?

Take a look at the sample’s work experience section. The jobseeker uses percentages in his descriptions, asserting that he was “recognized for 100% accuracy in record-keeping” and helped to “increase package recovery speeds by 25%.” He also declares that he implemented tracking software that “improved accuracy by 18%.” Using metrics such as these helps to make each accomplishment more remarkable and memorable.

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The Most Important Package Handler Resume Sample Takeaways

Having a strong professional resume is a crucial first step in your job hunt. To make your final draft as attractive and unforgettable as possible, look to our package handler resume sample and writing tips for guidance as you construct each part of your resume. Remember to use a concise format that is easy to read and include only the qualifications that are relevant to the job at hand. If you need help beginning the resume-writing process, use our resume builder for fast and easy assistance.