As a pizza delivery driver, your job is about making dinner quick, easy, and painless for your customers. When it comes to writing your resume, you should focus on making it just as quick, easy, and painless for employers to read. A streamlined, well-written resume is essential to advancing your career goals. Employers are accustomed to seeing resumes written in dull language with too much information crammed into a dense, difficult-to-read format. When your resume breaks that mold to present something clean, informative, and engaging, it’s the first step toward impressing employers and landing an interview.

If you’re not sure how to craft a compelling resume, our pizza delivery driver resume sample can provide the inspiration you need to start your own. Referencing a sample gives you an excellent idea of the kind of skills employers want to see and shows you examples of what would be considered an accomplishment for your role. Use our sample plus our resume writing tips for a head start on your job search.


Pizza Delivery Driver Resume Sample

Jerry Samson
Brooklyn, NY 11111 • jjsamson@myemailprovider • 555-786-2339


Dedicated pizza delivery driver with a strong customer focus and a safe driving record for 2 major pizza franchises in New York. Skilled at handling fast-paced customer service and delivery requests in a large neighborhood with complex traffic and routing requirements. Committed to ensuring the highest standards in food safety and quality for a pleasant delivery and outstanding customer experience.


  • Pizza packing and delivery
  • Traffic monitoring and route adjustment
  • Customer service and relationship building
  • Quality control and food safety
  • Team collaboration
  • Licensed safe driver
  • Problem-solving and issue resolution
  • Multi-tasking and self-motivation

Work Experience

Pizza Delivery Driver, 2016 – Present
Checkers Pizza, Brooklyn, NY
  • Take dispatch orders for multiple pizza deliveries at a time within assigned delivery area and route
  • Ensure pizza, appetizers, drinks, and other orders are properly packaged prior to safe loading in vehicle
  • Provide front-door delivery service to private and business customers in a timely fashion
  • Work with customer service teams at the restaurant to resolve order issues or customer complaints
  • Maintain delivery vehicle at a serviceable level, including cleaning the interior and exterior
  • Achieved a 99.5% customer satisfaction rating for timely delivery, delivery quality, and excellent customer service
  • Maintained a 100% safe driving record for every month of employment
Pizza Delivery Driver, 2014 – 2016
Pizza Shack, Brooklyn, NY
  • Managed deliveries within a 2-mile radius of the store, ensuring delivery of hot, fresh food within expected time ranges
  • Conducted inspections on both pre-packed and post-packed foods
  • Handled deliveries to residences, apartments, businesses, and events
  • Monitored traffic conditions to make adjustments for timely delivery
  • Formed a personal rapport with repeat customers to ensure repeat business and skillfully represent the face of Pizza Shack
  • Identified a traffic routing issue slowing deliveries and proposed a reroute that cut an average 4 minutes from total delivery time for all drivers and saved over $10,000 monthly on fuel
  • Gained commendations for picking up extra shifts for sick or vacationing drivers


Associate of Political Science (2014 – Present)
Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY

High School Diploma; 3.92 GPA (2014)
Midwood High School, Brooklyn, NY

Valid New York Drivers’ License, Expires 10/2020
Clean Driving Record

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Is This a Good Pizza Delivery Driver Resume? Let’s Check

Does the example jobseeker present valid driving qualifications for a pizza delivery driver?

Yes. In the opening summary as well as the education and certifications section of the pizza delivery driver resume sample, our sample candidate mentions a clean driving record. In the education section, he also mentions he possesses a valid New York driver’s license, including the expiration month and year. His accomplishments also mention a 100% safe driving record for that particular store when working at Checkers Pizza.

Does the pizza delivery driver resume sample demonstrate the candidate’s commitment to responsible job performance and reliability in a role that often attracts poor performers?

Many people treat jobs like pizza delivery as something transient that they don’t have to put any effort into. A top performer treats any job, no matter if it’s short-term or part-time, as if it’s the most important job of her or his career. The dedication and responsibility you show in a pizza delivery driver role will reflect on how you would perform in any other role. Make sure your resume shows you’ve given the job your best and proven yourself as someone reliable and trustworthy.

Does the sample candidate show knowledge of particular skills required for the foodservice industry?

Absolutely! Although the driver isn’t involved in food preparation, it’s still his job to make sure food arrives to the customer safely and in good condition. That means not crushed or exposed to unsanitary conditions. Hot food should be hot, cold food should be cold. In multiple areas of his work history on the pizza delivery driver resume sample, our candidate discusses quality control and food safety and also points out inspecting food for quality both before and after packaging for delivery.

Does the pizza delivery driver resume sample show an awareness of the jobseeker’s role as a company representative?

When customers order pizza for delivery, often their only interaction with a human being from that pizza company is the delivery driver. For that customer, the delivery driver is the company and should represent them with a positive demeanor and excellent customer service attitude. The sample resume makes it clear the example candidate takes this very seriously and recognizes his role as the customer’s only point of human contact when it comes to dealing with that pizza restaurant. Make sure your resume as a delivery driver shows awareness of this, and demonstrates your commitment to an excellent customer experience.

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The Most Important Pizza Delivery Driver Resume Sample Takeaways

Get your piece of the pie with a resume that gives you a competitive edge. Demonstrate your reliability and commitment to job performance versus other candidates. Don’t forget to draw attention to your safety record as a driver. Bring in a focus on customer service, particularly an ability to face customer issues with a pleasant demeanor and work toward a solution. Give your resume a polish using these tips, our pizza delivery driver resume sample, and our resume builder tool for your best chance at getting the job you want.