The resume is arguably the most important part of the initial stage of your job search. This simple document is a self-contained package that will catch employers’ attention, communicate every aspect of your professional skills, and manage the first impression you make. However, most hiring managers only spend a few seconds on each resume unless they immediately find the content engaging. This means to have a chance, you need to focus on making your resume appealing at a glance, which is no easy task.

You can study the following shipping and receiving resume sample for tips and tricks to help you make your resume as strong as possible. Implement the same writing strategies and follow the formatting example to create a resume that meets every expectation employers have. The included writing guide contains industry-specific tips that go into deeper detail so you are fully prepared and informed before you begin the writing process. Start your job search on the right foot with this comprehensive guide.


Shipping and Receiving Resume Sample

Darryl Smith
New York City, New York, 11111 • [email protected] • 555-784-6523


Professional shipping and receiving expert with 10 years of on-the-job experience in a warehouse environment. Experience managing an entire team of warehouse workers to receive shipments and prepare packages for delivery, taking efficiency into consideration. Comprehensive training in the field of logistics to confidently manage every aspect of a business’ warehouse.


  • Highly organized with strong analytical capabilities
  • Logistical expertise
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities
  • Attention to small details
  • Critical thinking and evaluation
  • Strong mathematical understanding
  • Good core and limb strength

Work Experience

Shipping and Receiving Manager, May 2015-Present
Atlantic Shipping and Receiving, New York City, New York
  • Oversee all shipping and receiving processes
  • Create schedules and shipping manifests and keep careful records of all incoming and outgoing packages
  • Guarantee that all outgoing packages are addressed to the right destination and shipped on time
  • Ensure all incoming packages are delivered to the proper department
  • Report all shipping and receiving functions to executives on a quarterly basis
  • Improve shipping and receiving efficiency by 15% over two years
Warehouse Supervisor, September 2011-May 2015
Atlantic Shipping and Receiving, New York City, New York
  • Oversaw all warehouse staff, ensuring they are able to work efficiently and safely
  • Ensured all personnel complied with company safety policies; stopped any unsafe actions immediately
  • Delegated tasks to warehouse team members so all jobs were completed on time
  • Trained new recruits and guaranteed that all staff members were fully capable of warehouse tasks
  • Reduced warehouse conflicts by 10%
Warehouse Team Member, July 2008-September 2011
Atlantic Shipping and Receiving, New York City, New York
  • Moved heavy packages and shipping materials using standard forklifts and other heavy machinery
  • Prepared packages to be shipped, verifying accurate shipping addresses
  • Checked packaging to verify box integrity and ensure security of shipped items
  • Received packages, transporting them to the sorting area
  • Held efficiency rating above 95% for three years


Master of Science in Logistics Candidate
University of New York, Anticipated Completion 2018

Bachelor of Science in Logistics
University of New York, 2014

Current Forklift Certification

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Is This a Good Shipping and Receiving Resume? Let’s Check

Does this shipping and receiving resume sample demonstrate logistical expertise effectively?

It does. Shipping and receiving is related directly to logistics, so your resume should reflect this. Every section should mention your expertise and understanding of logistics to communicate your qualification to readers. This resume sample does a good job establishing logistical expertise, so follow its example.

Is this resume sample organized to flow easily from one section to the next?

It is. This shipping and receiving resume sample implements the standard resume format, which guides readers through the whole document easily. Many employers will only take a few seconds to review a resume, so you need to catch their attention immediately. The example summary statement acts as a hook, but is not longer than a few sentences so readers do not lose interest. The short bullet points in the skills section make the information clear so it only takes a moment for readers to understand. Finally, the reader arrives at the work experience section, which is the most important one. The information here should be focused and detailed to sell your abilities and present you as an appealing candidate. Close with a small, concise education section.

Does the resume sample have an extensive and relevant work experience section?

It does. The work history section in the above resume sample effectively establishes the candidate’s qualifications by presenting three relevant working experiences. While this is a good length for a work experience section, yours can still be effective with fewer positions. If you have fewer relevant positions to discuss, include a couple more bullet points for each one. Your resume can be just as strong as one with more previous work experience.

How does the shipping and receiving resume sample demonstrate the candidate’s important qualifications?

This resume sample demonstrates qualifications by using real metrics. There is nothing wrong with simply describing your skills and abilities, but using real metrics demonstrates them, which is much more effective. The metrics used in this resume sample include things like, “Improve shipping and receiving efficiency by 15% over two years.” You can also opt to mention awards or recognition you have received.

Does the resume sample focus on management abilities?

It does. Management is the other aspect that is at the core of the shipping and receiving field. This shipping and receiving resume sample describes the candidate taking a position of leadership several times throughout the document. It is a good idea to mention leadership and management skills along with your logistical expertise in every section of your resume.

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The Most Important Shipping and Receiving Resume Sample Takeaways

Follow the example of this shipping and receiving resume sample to make your resume as strong as it possibly can be. Carefully and precisely format your resume according to the formatting standards shown here. Include real numbers and metrics to make your resume more credible. Take time to consider how your resume looks at a glance and how it flows from section to section. If you need additional help, turn to our resume builder tool to get started right.