As you search for new employment, it’s important not to underestimate the power of a strong resume. Your resume provides employers with their first impression of who you are and what you are capable of professionally, so it is crucial to take the time and energy to make every section as impressive as possible. If written and formatted well, your resume can set you apart from competing candidates enough to earn you interviews and job offers.

To make sure your document effectively conveys your best qualifications to hiring managers, compare it to a relevant example such as our warehouse associate resume sample. Use this sample as a guide as you decide which skills, experiences, and special accomplishments to include in each section. Format your resume in a similar way so that it is easy and interesting to read. If you find that you still need assistance after studying our sample, turn to our additional writing tips for further clarification.


Warehouse Associate Resume Sample

David Newman
San Diego, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-4376


Qualified warehouse associate with 14 years of experience in distribution processes, inventory control, and heavy machinery operations. Utilize advanced knowledge of OSHA regulations to maintain consistently safe working conditions within warehouses of all sizes. Diligent worker with a proven record of meeting strict deadlines without compromising product quality.


  • Inventory control and quality assurance
  • Shipping and receiving processes
  • OSHA regulations and safety laws
  • Packaging, stocking, and tracking procedures
  • Equipment handling and maintenance
  • Loading and unloading

Work Experience

Warehouse Associate, 2012 – present
Shulman Distributors, San Diego, CA
  • Prepare merchandise for shipment with proper boxing, padding, sealing, and supporting methods
  • Monitor inventory levels, report low supplies to management, and fill out order requests on a weekly basis to avoid disruptions to the distribution process
  • Recommend updated safety protocols to reduce warehouse injuries by 25%
  • Receive Employee of the Year twice over five years for safe and efficient handling of packages that resulted in zero cases of damages
  • Troubleshoot malfunctioning warehouse machinery, perform minor repairs, and arrange for professional repairs when necessary
Warehouse Associate, 2008-2012
Foxman Goods & Supplies, San Diego, CA
  • Labelled all incoming packages and materials and stocked items on proper shelves or storage spaces within the warehouse
  • Upheld a clean and safe working environment inside the warehouse at all times according to safety laws and company standards
  • Inspected merchandise for damages, performed corrective measures, and compiled reports on discrepancies for management
  • Restructured stocking systems and distribution procedures to increase shipping speeds by 30% and customer satisfaction ratings by 10%
  • Tagged and scanned packages to ensure accurate tracking throughout shipping and receiving processes
Warehouse Associate, 2003-2008
Salerno Supply Company, San Diego, CA
  • Loaded and unloaded up to 15 delivery trucks and trailers on a daily basis
  • Helped develop new labelling and tracking techniques to boost distribution accuracy from 90% to 99%
  • Operated forklifts, pallet movers, and other heavy equipment according to warehouse health and safety laws
  • Kept accurate logs of incoming and outgoing packages for management’s records
  • Maintained an impeccable record of meeting all deadlines in terms of stocking, retrieving, preparing, and shipping processes


Bachelor of Science – Logistics & Supply Chain Management
San Diego University, San Diego, CA

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Is This a Good Warehouse Associate Resume? Let’s Check

Does the warehouse associate resume sample convey that the jobseeker has the packaging, equipment handling, and other necessary skills to be a warehouse manager?

Yes! The jobseeker uses both his summary statement and skills section to distinguish all of the skills candidates should have to qualify for a warehouse associate position. He asserts proficiencies in “inventory control” and “heavy machinery operations” in his summary. The skills section then identifies a number of skills pertinent to the position, such as “packaging, stocking, and tracking procedures” and “shipping and receiving processes.”

Take a look at the work experience and education sections of the warehouse associate resume sample. Does the jobseeker show he has the relevant education and training to qualify as a suitable candidate?

He does. The candidate uses his education section to display a relevant degree in logistics and supply chain management. Additionally, the work experience section illustrates 14 years of experience within the industry, pointing out the jobseeker’s familiarity with preparing packages, loading and unloading delivery trucks, and monitoring inventory.

Does the jobseeker in the warehouse associate resume sample illustrate an understanding of warehouse safety protocols?

Absolutely! The applicant mentions his knowledge of “OSHA regulations and safety laws” in his skills section, and then states in his work experience section that he used that knowledge to operate heavy machinery in a safe manner and maintain a consistently “clean and safe working environment.” He even asserts that he helped “reduce warehouse injuries by 25%” to better illustrate his understanding of warehouse safety standards.

In addition to listing typical responsibilities and duties, does the jobseeker in the sample point out notable achievements to pique the interest of hiring managers?

As you can see, the jobseeker does an excellent job mixing daily duties and responsibilities with outstanding accomplishments in his work experience section. He declares that he revamped procedures to “increase shipping speeds by 30% and customer satisfaction ratings by 10%” and boosted accuracy in distribution by 9%. Measuring his achievements in this way makes him stand out in the minds of potential employers.

Does the jobseeker in the warehouse associate resume sample utilize a concise format throughout the entire document?

Definitely! The applicant introduces himself with a summary that consists of three succinct sentences to convey his top qualifications. He uses bullet points throughout his document to help hiring managers scan through sections quickly. Furthermore, while the work experience section is the meatiest part of the resume, the jobseeker lists only five important responsibilities or achievements for each position.

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The Most Important Warehouse Associate Resume Sample Takeaways

Don’t let an unprofessional or sloppy resume keep you from advancing to the next phase of your job search. Follow the example set by our warehouse associate resume sample as you create your document, and keep in mind the best practices identified in our writing guidelines. Remember to use a concise format in every section and include measurable accomplishments to help set yourself apart from competing candidates. For further assistance with this process, check out our helpful resume builder.