A great resume can open doors to many new job opportunities. If you’re ready to take your first step on a new career path or take your career to the next level, a well-written resume is the key. An effective method for creating a document that is professional and engaging is finding an effective example and modeling your own resume after it. Our hospitality resume sample will help you choose the best format for easy reading and include the content that is most likely to impress hiring managers. Use the sample as a guide for ensuring that your document contains the information potential employers want to find.

If you want more guidance after reviewing our resume sample, take a look at the writing tips we’ve included. Creating an outstanding resume is the first step in a successful career path. Wherever you hope your future takes you, make sure you’ve documented your past to put you on the right course.


Hospitality Resume Sample

Jos. E. Smythe
Hoover, Alabama 11111 • jesmythe@anymail • 555-428-0027


Experienced hospitality worker with more than four years’ experience and a solid education foundation. Proven history of running hotel front desk, maintaining high level of customer satisfaction, and ability to resolve conflicts. Knowledgeable and experienced in hotel operations, concierge services, and housekeeping duties.


  • Ability to maintain comfort of guests
  • Able to match guests to community events and other resources
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills
  • Positive relations with entertainment network
  • Skilled at using hospitality software systems
  • Excellent record-keeping history

Work Experience

General Manager, Sept. 2014 - Present
Shades Mountain Inn, Hoover, Alabama
  • Manage 175-room inn, including front desk, dining room, lounge, car rental services, and conference rooms
  • Supervise 35 employees, including front desk, security, housecleaning, and conference support
  • Train employees in front office operations, including scheduling, customer service, record keeping, billing, internet access, and amenities
  • Coordinate schedules of employees throughout the hotel to ensure smooth daily operations
  • Conduct performance reviews, resolve employee conflicts, direct team-building exercises, and maintain high level of staff expectations
  • Create community recreation, entertainment, resources, and maps booklet for customer use (hotel and affiliates offer the booklets for a profit)
Concierge, April 2013 – Sept. 2014
Wine Ridge Windham, Hoover, Alabama
  • Acted as lead concierge at front desk of 275-room establishment
  • Oversaw guest needs on and off property, scheduling transportation and providing access to local contact information
  • Networked with over 50 businesses in local neighborhoods, including restaurants, entertainment, and transportation, saving guests an overall average of $5,638 per year, also increasing customer loyalty by 27%
  • Recognized as employee of the month seven times
  • Answered phone calls, making reservations and handling customer inquiries
  • Introduced new software system (with handheld device app) that increased reservation efficiency by 250%
Seasonal Housekeeper, April 2012 – Sept. 2012
Talladega Forest Lodge, Waldo, Alabama
  • Ensured comfortable, professional level of cleanliness in 10 cabins per day
  • Arranged bedding, emptied trash, sanitized surfaces, and performed general housekeeping once a day for each cabin
  • Coordinated with customers and front desk to provide specific customer amenities and ensure satisfaction of customer preferences
  • Managed luggage for guests, transporting luggage between cabins and lobby
  • Provided basic technical support for customers, including basic troubleshooting of televisions and other appliances, maintaining wi-fi connections. Created desktop flyer with answers to FAQs, decreasing front desk calls by 8%
  • Earned housekeeper of the year award


BA in Hospitality Management, 2014
Hoover College, Hoover, Alabama

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Is This a Good Hospitality Resume? Let’s Check

Does the hospitality resume sample indicate the jobseeker’s ability to focus on customer satisfaction and troubleshoot solutions to customer problems?

The jobseeker from the resume sample shared several positive examples of this skill. The creation of a resource booklet, the ability to arrange transportation and answer questions about transportation, and the creation of the FAQs information sheet are all examples of the jobseeker’s focus on customer needs and ability to provide solutions. There are two examples of recommendation earned by the jobseeker regarding customer service, and the resume focuses on customer-oriented responsibilities and achievements.

A college degree isn’t always necessary for success in the hospitality industry; specific personal qualities and achievements are generally more pertinent to potential employers. Is the format of the hospitality resume sample clear, so employers can quickly identify the information they want?

Yes. This resume sample makes use of clear headings and a limited number of bullets. While providing plenty of information, the limit of six bullets per heading makes it easy for potential employers to move through the document quickly. This is especially important because hiring professionals rarely spend more than a few seconds on each resume.

Hospitality professionals often have similar career trajectories. Does the hospitality resume sample set this candidate apart from others with comparable work histories?

The writer of this resume sample does an excellent job of drawing attention to how talents lead to improvements in customer relations and benefit the hotel as a whole. Read through the bullet points to find commendations for customer service with a specific focus on results, such as “increasing customer loyalty by 27%.” The resume sample includes metrics that paint a clear picture for employers.

Employers in many industries hope to see a progression in responsibility. In the hospitality industry, hiring managers might also look for candidates with experiences in different areas of responsibility. Does the resume sample demonstrate increased responsibility and a comprehensive base of responsibilities?

It is easy to track the jobseeker’s progression from housekeeping to general manager. Throughout each work history section are specific examples of this growth. Some examples include “managed luggage for guests,” “making reservations and handling customer inquiries,” and “manage 175-room inn, including front desk, dining room, lounge, car rental services, and conference rooms.”

In addition to working with customers, hospitality professionals must work cooperatively with other staff members. Does the hospitality resume sample demonstrate the candidate’s ability as a team-player?

Yes. The skills section includes two great statements right off the bat: “excellent communication and facilitation skills” and “positive relations with entertainment network.” Other references to work establishing ties in the community and supervising hotel personnel boost the impact of those claims.

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The Most Important Hospitality Resume Sample Takeaways

As you follow the hospitality resume sample, you’ll find it is much easier to create a resume that attracts the positive attention you want from employers. Use a clear format so employers can easily recognize the qualities that make you a great fit for the job you want. As you’ve seen above, the right format and word choice can help hiring personnel recognize details and achievements. Back up your claims with measurable facts and help managers recognize your potential. Get even more help with our resume builder.