Beginning a career in hotel management or continuing one can be challenging because of the large number of skilled workers vying for the same type of work. Companies recruiting managers want to see candidates who demonstrate skill, knowledge, and self-marketing. It’s possible to see all of this in a well-written resume that provides plenty of evidence of someone’s readiness for a career in hotel management. Unfortunately, some candidates get stuck during the writing process and aren’t able to express themselves effectively.

If you’re not an expert writer, you can still come across as a strong and capable applicant with a solid resume. The way to do it is to read over plenty of example documents, such as this hotel manager resume sample, and learn the best resume writing techniques. As you read over samples, you can pick and choose which writing methods and formatting tips could work for your own document. Then, you can start preparing for the interview stage of the hiring process.


Hotel Manager Resume Sample

Patricia Ramirez
New York, NY 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-9191


Industrious and motivated hotel manager with 13 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Effective at managing all types of people and maintaining a positive and productive atmosphere. Focused on elevating the hotel guest experience and representing the brand effectively.


  • Knowledge of computer hotel reservation software
  • Experience with facilities management and POS software
  • Proven track record of strong leadership
  • Committed team player
  • Fluent in more than 10 languages
  • Excellent attention to detail and organization

Work Experience

Hotel Manager, The Mercy Hotel
December 2013 – present
  • Book many large group reservations and block accommodations for parties and weddings, bringing in more than $500,000 per year
  • Write the weekly shift schedule for the front desk and the service department of 35 workers
  • Register and individually assist any VIP clients, such as government officials, celebrities, or sports players
  • Calculate daily sales and determine deposit amounts by running reports each night at the end of the shift
  • Recruit new workers for various parts of the hotel, such as front desk, kitchen, housekeeping, and maintenance
Hotel Manager, The Hilton at Times Square
February 2008 – December 2013
  • Delivered top customer service, winning a major industry award two years in a row by being friendly and personable to all guests
  • Achieved a strong 75% customer return business rate due to quality service and excellent attention to detail
  • Trained more than 17 new front desk hotel clerks by teaching them the basics of the job, roleplaying, and quizzing them about hotel procedures
  • Assigned rooms and suites to guests depending on reservation type and hotel capacity
  • Managed hotel evacuations during fire drills or emergency operations and aimed to reduce guest service interruptions
Hotel Clerk, The Hilton at Times Square
June 2004 – February 2008
  • Manned the front desk of the hotel and greeted guests as they entered and left the lobby
  • Secured reservations using the computer system for guests in person, online, or over the phone
  • Recommended room upgrades to guests checking in, boosting hotel sales by 30%
  • Addressed customer complaints when discovered and fixed problems effectively
  • Earned 98% scores on post-stay surveys from guests due to excellent customer service


Certified Hospitality Supervisor – 2007
American Hotel Association Educational Institute

Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management – 2002
Fordham University, New York, New York

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Is This a Good Hotel Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the hotel manager resume sample have effective use of text features to make the information easier to digest for readers?

Since employers usually read over resumes very quickly, it’s important to make the document easy to read. This document makes use of helpful text features such as bullet points, short phrases, strong word choice, and a simple format to increase readability. The skills list and experience section both employ bullets for all of the details. Throughout the resume, there are short phrases instead of lengthy sentences. The work history has plenty of strong verbs, and the format is concise throughout the resume.

Hotel managers have to show exceptional skills in customer service. Does this resume address the need for this skill in this industry?

Yes. The hotel manager resume sample mentions the guest experience throughout the document. Her summary statement gives details about her commitment to customer service and the hotel brand’s reputation. She also boasts strong return customer rates and excellent customer service survey scores.

Hotel brands want to recruit managers who can improve sales and boost revenue. Does this hotel manager resume sample point out any skills in that arena?

The writer of this resume has multiple pieces of evidence that show off her commitment to increasing profits for the hotel brand. As an entry-level hotel clerk, she was able to increase sales by making suggestions for room upgrades. She also focused on earning more repeat business from regular customers, which is a cost-effective way of improving the brand’s market share.

Does this resume provide evidence of the candidate’s ability to manage people effectively?

Yes. The candidate vying for this job details information related to her management style and skill. She puts a focus on “maintaining a positive and productive atmosphere” with her staff in her summary statement. In her skills section, she talks about her record of achievement as a hotel manager and supervisor. Throughout her work history, she gives details about her experience recruiting new employees, training staff, and performing other management tasks.

Is there information about the candidate’s preparation for the job in the hotel manager resume sample?

Most candidates for this type of supervisory position have a college degree in hotel management or hospitality. In this applicant’s education section, she writes about her undergraduate degree in hotel management. She also has an additional credential related to the industry and hospitality management. Both of these details help demonstrate a strong understanding of the field.

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The Most Important Hotel Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

If you want to get a great prospect for a hotel manager job, you need to make a strong showing in your resume. Focusing on your leadership skills, your commitment to customer service, and your ability to bring in revenue with specific details can help you get closer to the job of your choice with a top hotel brand. The hotel manager resume sample and the resume builder tool can both give you more pointers about crafting a great resume for ultimate success.