The biggest challenge jobseekers have today is coming off as uniquely qualified for a job. Digital communication has made it easy for job candidates to flood a hiring manager’s inbox with thousands of resumes. Only the best and most professional resumes get a second look, and many jobseekers are ruining their chances with lackluster applications. If this sounds like something happening to you in your job search, it’s time to take action.

You should start by taking another look at your resume and working on improving it. Check out sample resumes to get some ideas flowing before you make any major changes. Revisit the formatting and phrasing you wrote about your qualifications and skills. Brainstorm for industry-specific ideas by reading over example documents related to the job you’re trying to get. Finally, look at this housekeeper resume sample and writing guide to see the ideal way to mold your resume into something effective.


Housekeeper Resume Sample

Harper Calle
Los Angeles, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-887-1209


Methodical and capable housekeeper with nine years of experience working on fine estates. Repertoire of effective cleaning methods for almost any surface. Discreet and respectful of essential clients and their privacy.


  • Strong organizational skills
  • Professional appearance and pleasant personality
  • Specialization in allergy-free and green cleaning methods
  • Experience working as a live-in housekeeper
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Incredible attention to detail

Work Experience

Housekeeper, The Walton Family
January 2013 – present

  • Sanitize and polish more than 13 full bathrooms each day and wipe all surfaces for a clean, spotless look
  • Refresh rooms and surfaces for the family to help prepare for photo shoots of each room for top magazines
  • Organize the patriarch’s collection of 5,000 vintage wines in the wine cellar by year, origin, and wine type
  • Ready the dining room for important dinners by polishing more than 500 pieces of silverware and arranging place settings with antique china
  • Go through the home and replace all light bulbs on a rotating schedule

Housekeeper, The Forbes Estate
April 2009 – January 2013

  • Chosen as the lead housekeeper by the family after demonstrating a strong commitment to excellent work
  • Rearranged furniture asnd rotated décor to give each room a unique look every two months
  • Waxed hardwood floors for more than 30 rooms per week
  • Cleaned bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and utility rooms each day
  • Placed fresh flowers throughout the estate in glass vases every day to match the room’s décor and season

Housekeeper Assistant, The Kaiser Family
September 2006 – April 2009

  • Laundered all the family’s linens, towels, and curtains each week for more than 25 rooms and put everything away in a large storage space
  • Set up a closet organizational system for the matriarch’s clothing, accessories, and shoes
  • Assisted a team of more than 30 housekeepers in keeping a large estate of more than 300 rooms clean and orderly
  • Recognized as employee of the month by the family for quality work and a positive attitude
  • Dusted all hard surfaces in the kitchens and bathrooms each day and removed all debris


Certified Executive Housekeeper – 2006
IEHA, Los Angeles, California

High School Diploma – 2006
Delray High School, Los Angeles, California

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Is This a Good Housekeeper Resume? Let’s Check

Does this housekeeper resume sample follow an easy to digest format so hiring managers won’t struggle to understand it?

Yes. This resume is a great example of how to set up and follow a specific organizational pattern for easy comprehension. The resume is only about one page, which is the ideal length for a professional job document. The writer divides each area into a short section that focuses on a specific part of her preparation for the job.

Did the writer follow the best practices of resume writing and target her document to a specific job posting?

This housekeeper resume sample is a strong example of an extremely focused document. This writer has a wealth of experience and expertise working with wealthy clients and helping keep their large estate homes clean and organized. This approach can help differentiate this candidate and make her much more memorable for a specific opportunity as a housekeeper for a large estate.

One of the key things a housekeeper needs to be successful is an ability to stay organized. Does this housekeeper resume sample provide evidence of the candidate’s organizational skills?

The writer of this resume gives several details about her ability to keep organized. She points out her organizational ability in the skills part of her resume. She also has experience organizing things effectively, such as a client’s "collection of 5,000 vintage wines" and another client’s "clothing, accessories, and shoes." These examples can prove to a hiring manager this candidate is capable of tough organizing tasks.

Stamina is another key trait employers may want from a housekeeper candidate. How does this resume show off the writer’s stamina during work?

In this resume, the writer has plenty of examples of long, tedious tasks she completes on a periodic basis that prove her stamina. The work history shows her experience cleaning "more than 13 full bathrooms each day" and waxing "hardwood floors for more than 30 rooms per week." Completing this amount of work is no easy task, and the candidate’s details display a commitment to the job at hand.

Does the housekeeper resume sample show flexibility and give employers reassurance the candidate could handle almost any type of job?

This writer provides details that show a wide variety of cleaning abilities. In her list of skills, she mentions her ability to clean with allergy-free and green ingredients. She also has experience setting up rooms for events, rearranging rooms, washing linens, replacing light bulbs and arranging flowers. All this information can help show an employer she is ready for almost any cleaning job.

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The Most Important Housekeeper Resume Sample Takeaways

Writing a targeted resume for a specific job in mind while also demonstrating your commitment to excellence is a great way to get your next job. Employers will appreciate your attention to detail and list of evidence proving your skills in cleaning, organization, and more. With help from examples, such as the housekeeper resume sample, you can perfect your document. Try the resume builder tool as well if you need additional assistance with creating a winning document that grabs an employer’s attention.