Receptionists perform a variety of administrative functions in businesses, organizations, government offices, doctors' offices, and hospitals. The duties often vary from maintaining files to handling billing, depending on the work environment. When you customize one of our receptionist resume templates, you can easily focus your content on a specific industry sector.

For example, does your professional background involve work in the medical field? If yes, you may want to emphasize your experience handling insurance payments and collecting patient information. With the help of our experts, you can craft a well-polished document in a short amount of time.


Free Administrative Support Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

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Professional receptionists are vital to the workplace. They often serve as the first point of contact for clients, customers, patients, and other visitors. Their duties run the gamut from answering phones and sorting mail to performing data entry and scheduling appointments. Whatever skill set you have, review our receptionist resume templates for examples of how to use action verbs and verbiage from the employer's ad to showcase your strengths:

• Take detailed phone messages and route calls to the correct party or voicemail in a timely fashion.
• Perform common administrative tasks, such as operating a computer, copier, fax machine, calculator, and adding machine
• Greet patrons and assist them by answering their questions or directing them to the appropriate staff member
• Maintain the general upkeep of the lobby, reception area, coffee station, and conference rooms throughout the day
• Process pre-certification of procedures and referrals for a multi-specialty doctor outpatient practice situated in a hospital setting

These receptionist resume templates help eliminate any doubts you may have about drafting your own document. It doesn't take much to put together a top-rate resume that attracts the attention of hiring personnel. Following best practices can improve the effectiveness of your job hunt.

1. Personalize Your Receptionist Resume: After a hiring manager looks at dozens of resumes, the applications may start looking alike. Distinguish your submission from the crowd by using reader-friendly fonts, such as Verdana, Century Gothic, and Tahoma.
2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement: This three-to-five-line "elevator pitch" works wonders when it comes to getting recruiters to sit up and take notice. It briefly spells out the reasons why an employer should hire you based on your relevant accomplishments, skills, and employment history.
3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences: Most people like a good story, including hiring personnel. You can engage them when you quantify your job performance, results, and accomplishments. Whenever possible, include stats, data, and numbers in the work experience section.