You need highly-specialized skills to be a manicurist. Customers trust you with their physical well-being, so your employer needs to be confident that you can handle both the technical and customer service aspects of the job. You can see how other jobseekers have landed interviews by reviewing our manicurist resume templates to get an idea of proper formatting.

With a stronger resume, hiring managers are sure to become more intrigued by you as a potential employee. Implementing all the tips you learn should only take a few minutes, so you can have a far superior job application in the time it takes to watch an episode of your favorite show.


Free Beauty And Spa Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

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Even if you apply for an entry-level manicurist position, hiring managers still want to know that you can easily pick up the responsibilities of the job. Here are some great duties featured on the manicurist resume templates to include. Regardless of the exact experiences you have, make sure you mirror the job listing’s language and start off each point with a strong action word.

• Remove nail polish, apply an undercoat, and polish nails using a brush
• Sanitize and clean tools daily to promote a healthy work environment
• Decorate clients’ nails by creating unique designs and attaching ornaments
• Advise clients on how they should take care of their nails at home and what products they should apply on their own
• Reduce the prevalence of rough skin and calluses on clients’ hands and feet

While these manicurist resume templates offer a good starting point, there is still more you can do to make your document even better. Catch the attention of more job recruiters and land more interviews by incorporating the following tips into your application:

1. Personalize Your Manicurist Resume:

You should have a basic resume already written. For each job listing, you want to personalize it for the precise position. This includes specifically mentioning skills listed on the job ad.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

The summary statement is the first paragraph a hiring manager reads. If it lacks the best information, then the employer will probably stop reading right then and there.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

You need to include as many professional accomplishments as you can on your resume. These achievements make you stand out more, and it will show you actually possess the skills you mentioned.