A career in highway maintenance requires a lot of physical labor and the ability to work under pressure. Whether you're patching broken pavement, putting up guard rails, or clearing downed trees after a storm, you're expected to be on-site and ready to work. Your professional document must address these abilities and convince hiring managers that you have what it takes to get the job done.

Use successful highway maintenance resume templates as a roadmap for laying out your skills, accomplishments, and work experience. Get additional help from successful industry contributors for a resume that clears the way to interviews.


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The way you present your on-the-job experiences, your training, and professional skills is as important as what you choose to include on your resume. This means you need to know which words are the most effective and how to utilize the same language you see in job advertisements. Our highway maintenance resume templates show you how to accomplish these goals.

• Operate heavy equipment and trucks on highways, rough terrain, and city streets; use portable power tools; maintain and store equipment
• Cooperate with crew on assigned projects, taking lead when assigned and monitoring quality and completion of tasks
• Adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations, installing street and traffic control signs, placing cones, and monitoring flow of traffic
• Read and understand written directions and sketches; maintain records such as time cards and project documentation
• Clear out storm drains, clean drainage ditches, empty and clear culverts; use chemicals and similar supplies according to established regulations

After getting the basics of your resume down with our highway maintenance resume templates as guides, you can strengthen the impact of your document with the following tips. Use the suggestions to write a document that impresses recruiters with changes in word choice and specific examples.

1. Personalize Your Highway Maintenance Resume:

Tailor each resume you write to fit the specific needs of the job listings. Look for words or phrases repeated throughout the listing and include those, as written, in your resume.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

Include a brief paragraph or bulleted section at the beginning of your resume to grab the attention of recruiters. This summary statement must present your best skills and show why you're a perfect match for the position.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

You've probably had plenty of interesting experiences while on the job. Choose those stories that display your ability to stay calm under pressure and boost the impact of skills and achievements with specific numbers and scenarios.