Real-world jobseekers have submitted numerous customer service management resume templates for you to learn from. Any great submission should demonstrate your professional value as an employee, and you should make a case as to why the hiring manager should bring you onto the team.

You need to read the templates in addition to the following tips to see what you can incorporate into your own application. A few strategic revisions can really make the difference, especially considering how only a small number of total applicants will get an interview. With this help, you are sure to have a simpler time selling yourself.


Free Customer Service Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

Browse templates and job-specific examples of professional customer service resumes.


Any kind of customer service position will require you to be good with people as you resolve all kinds of issues and provide information about specific services and products. Here are some examples of work experiences you may find on the customer service management resume templates. Make sure to mirror the language of the job ad and begin each point with a strong action verb.

• Speak with customers in-person or over the phone to obtain the details of complaints, cancel accounts, and take orders
• Maintain records of all customer interactions, including the details of each transaction and any comments provided
• Order tests to determine the cause of certain product malfunctions
• Recommend improvements to management concerning products, shipping, and packaging to avoid future issues
• Review company’s insurance policy to decide whether a given loss will receive coverage

Before you begin your job hunt in earnest, you need to read customer service management resume templates first. However, you also need to understand why these are good examples in the first place. These actions are why the applications are so great.

1. Personalize Your Customer Service Management Resume:

The resumes you send to two different job openings should not be exactly the same. They should differ slightly because each hiring manager will specify what skills applicants should focus on in the job ad.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

A resume objective merely states that you want the job but will not help you actually get a position. Instead, you want to write a great summary statement that outlines a few of your greatest accomplishments.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

You need to show that you will be an instant asset to the company. The best way to show that involves writing stories of how your actions directly benefited previous employers.