Aerospace engineers must have excellent attention to detail, initiative, and adaptability. Hiring managers are looking for these qualities from the first time they have contact with you. If your application doesn't demonstrate these attributes as well as useful job experience, someone else is getting the position.

You can learn how to create an exceptional application by looking over these aerospace engineer resume templates. It likely won't even require a full overhaul, as you'll pick up a few tips to modify what you're already doing.


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The job experience section makes up the bulk of any aerospace engineer resume. Hiring managers want to see a well-written work history that sells your skills. When filling in an aerospace engineer resume template, use action verbs under job duties to give a more compelling feel. Consult a thesaurus to include synonyms so you're not using the same words over and over. Your work responsibilities should look similar to this:

• Conduct research on materials needed for the creation of the aircraft
• Analyze aerodynamic capabilities of spacecraft designs
• Direct test flights for study purposes and record the results
• Plan production facilities needed to construct aerospace parts
• Design control panels for use in commercial aircraft

While the aerospace engineer resume templates are an excellent foundation, they need more work to be part of an effective application. Keep the following steps in mind as you adapt your resume to better fit the modern hiring process.

1. Personalize Your Aerospace Engineer Resume:

Create a stronger application by making a few minor changes to your resume for every new job. Comb the job listing for repeated phrases related to position performance and include them in your resume.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

Make a great first impression by crafting a personal and descriptive summary statement. Include what makes you valuable to the company and just a hint of personality.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

Unsupported statements don't impress hiring managers. Make your qualifications feel more genuine by giving examples of situations that reinforce your abilities.