Working as a multimedia artist or animator requires a lot more than just impressive drawing skills. From creating storylines and developing characters to working with the latest rendering technologies, your resume should demonstrate your knowledge as well as your capacity for creativity.

It's also important to emphasize key professional qualities. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who are strong communicators, can adapt quickly to new projects, and have the self-motivated time-management skills needed in a deadline-driven industry. Our writing tips and real-world animator and cartoonist resume templates are a great way to get ideas for translating your own experience and knowledge into a job-winning document.


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With job titles ranging from illustrator and art director to graphic designer and 3D animator, modern multimedia artists fill a wide range of roles that require an eye for design, knack for invention, and experience with imaging tools and technologies. Our animator and cartoonist resume template examples demonstrate how to use succinct action statements to mirror job description language and get the hiring manager's attention:

• Create convincing and consistent body and facial animation for characters and creatures
• Use knowledge of composition principles to develop immersive settings that enhance the audience's experience of the story
• Communicate and collaborate regularly with peers and production staff as well as clients and supervisors
• Interpret critical feedback from clients and art leads in order to ensure the final product aligns with the project vision
• Maintain efficient art and animation production workflows

Scanning our animator and cartoonist resume templates is a smart way to get ideas about how to format your own document and what information to include. If you want to make your resume memorable to a potential recruiter, it's important to follow a few simple tips as well:

1. Personalize Your Animator and Cartoonist Resume:

Consider your resume a working document. Instead of sending identical information to each open listing, glean key skill and experience words from every position description and include them naturally in your resume.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

The summary statement section is your six-second opportunity to grab a recruiter's attention. That makes it crucial to use this valuable space to make an impression that will pique readers' interest and assure them of your capabilities.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experience:

From unique projects you've undertaken to specialized tech knowledge, specific examples from your work history helps hiring managers to get a full-color overview of your professional background and potential contributions in your new role.