Many businesses rely on writers and editors to ensure that any copy sent out by the company is high-quality and accurate. While you should have sufficient experience in the field, you can also show off your writing acumen by sending in a properly-formatted and well-written resume. That involves following the rules found in our writer, editor, and proofreader resume templates.

These templates show what information should go on the page and how to format every section. One of the best ways to become a better writer is to read as often as you can, so reading other people’s resumes will certainly help you become a stronger jobseeker.


Free Entertainment And Media Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

Browse templates and job-specific examples of professional entertainment and media resumes.


From creative writers to copywriters, there are many ways to make a living by producing written content. Showcase your previous experiences the right ways by taking a look at some of the examples found throughout the writer, editor, and proofreader resume templates. You should mirror the language of the job ad you found and include plenty of strong, active verbs to begin all statements.

• Prepare works in the correct format to later send to producers for publication
• Write advertising copy for internet media, broadcast, or publication to promote goods
• Read corrected proofs to ensure there are no inconsistencies or errors
• Verify statistics, dates, and facts using various references sources
• Review consumer surveys and advertising trends to determine the best way to market goods to a specific demographic

Before you send your resume to one more hiring manager, you need to review the best tips every job application should have. After you abide by the following rules found in all writer, editor, and proofreader resume templates, you will be ready to resume your job hunt.

1. Personalize Your Writer, Editor, and Proofreader Resume:

You can have a basic resume available, but you want to customize it for each unique job opening. Find keywords the individual employer seems to want and place them in the document.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

Many hiring managers spend fewer than 10 seconds reading a resume before deciding whether to continue. That means the summary statement, which is the first thing on the page, needs to be incredible.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

Vague action statements, such as "Write advertising copy," will not stand out. You want to include specific details as to what the ad copy you wrote accomplished or how much you can write in a given day.