Elected officials and policy makers may benefit from preparing resumes in addition to materials such as position statements or voting records. A resume makes it easy to provide anyone with information on your professional background to help them determine whether you are the right choice for an available seat or position.

Skim over our writing guidelines as you prepare your own document. You may also benefit from our selection of elected official and policy maker resume templates by real candidates for positions in this field. These templates demonstrate the major sections in context and provide inspiration for content and formatting.


Free Government Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

Browse templates and job-specific examples of professional government resumes.


Individuals with almost any professional background may run for office as elected officials and policy makers. Your resume should indicate how your prior experience prepares you to excel in a particular office. Draw attention to your abilities by using action words and keywords to emphasize relevant skills. Consider the sample responsibilities below as well as our elected official and policy maker resume templates:

• Represent parties in negotiations and outreach to constituents, the public at large, and the media
• Negotiate with colleagues and members of other parties or groups to reconcile and achieve consensus
• Maintain knowledge of current affairs by monitoring constituent contacts and reading updates in the media
• Serve on committees and commissions as well as investigative panels to generate and supply intelligence
• Review bills in committee and make adjustments prior to voting or for specific recommendations for implementation

Any candidate can take steps to improve the quality of his or her resume. Customize the early sections to make the most effective presentation of your background and skills for any purpose. Follow these three tips and see our elected official and policy maker resume templates for more ideas:

1. Personalize Your Elected Official and Policy Maker Resume: Make sure that your resume will give readers an accurate perception of your abilities and strengths. Use keywords to present yourself as the right choice for a particular representative office.
2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement: Your summary statement is a chance to prove you are the best candidate. Write a few phrases in which you describe your major qualifications near the top of your resume.
3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences: Be as specific as possible about any achievements that are relevant to the elected office you are seeking. Look for ways to include metrics or statistics that support your claims.