If you need to show you have the character and skills necessary to succeed in an administrative career, one of the best ways to do so is to write an outstanding resume. Find out how to make the most of every resume section, from the summary statement and list of skills to descriptions of your experience and education.

Start with our writing tips for each major section. You can also look over government administration resume templates by real candidates in this field. These resources can give you writing ideas or help you check your draft for quality and completeness.


Free Government Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

Browse templates and job-specific examples of professional government resumes.


Look for ways to show how your experience prepares you to succeed in the administrator role you are seeking. Draw attention to relevant hard and soft skills, and use keywords from the description of the job you want. Be sure to emphasize your abilities by using action words. Reference the following sample administrator responsibilities and the experience sections on our government administration resume templates:

• Work with other administrative personnel to facilitate standard procedures and provide support during busy periods
• Manage record-keeping in accordance with standards and systems for bureau or division of administrative services
• Oversee the operation of public-facing or inter-office departments, fulfilling all requests in a timely manner
• Set and achieve reasonable goals for departmental functionality depending on the type of administrative services
• Perform audits and submit improvements in policies or procedures for approval from larger governing bodies

Writing a resume does not have to be difficult. Strengthen the early sections by customizing your summary statement and skills section and responding to the most important qualifications for the administration job you want. These three tips and our government administration resume templates can help you improve your document:

1. Personalize Your Government Administration Resume:

Look for ways to address your professional and personal strengths and the requirements for the job you want. You should avoid submitting the same document to more than one position.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

The summary statement on your resume can be your first chance to impress employers. Show off your most relevant qualifications in several short phrases near the top of your document.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

Look for ways to provide specific examples or statistics in your summary statement or in descriptions of previous positions. Concrete examples and metrics can make your resume much more memorable.