There is an increasing demand for professionals who specialize in infrastructure and sustainable building. Show employers you have the experience and skills necessary to succeed in this green industry by customizing your resume for each position. Our writing tips provide guidance on strengthening every section.

Start your document with a solid summary statement and continue on through lists of skills, work experience, and educational or vocational credentials. You may also find it useful to look over our infrastructure and sustainable building resume templates. We collect materials prepared by real jobseekers in this field to help you write a better resume.


Free Green Jobs Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

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Include a detailed experience section in your resume in which you describe the responsibilities of your current and previous jobs. Carefully read the description of the position you are seeking to identify keywords to use in your resume and use action words when possible. See the sample duties below and the experience sections on infrastructure and sustainable building resume templates.

• Develop plans for sustainable infrastructure and building projects and continue to monitor progress toward completion
• Read and interpret relevant research for clients or green contracting companies to support design decisions
• Ensure that developments or structures adhere to all relevant industry-wide or regional sustainable building standards
• Provide insights and opinions on retrofitting conventional structures for increased sustainability and overall operational efficiency
• Write grant or rebate applications to underwrite costs of sustainable development for contractors or clients

Focus on satisfying for the requirements for a particular infrastructure and sustainable building position when writing your resume. This document should be easy for employers to skim and recognize your qualifications to work in this field. See our infrastructure and sustainable building resume templates for real examples from competitive candidates.

1. Personalize Your Infrastructure and Sustainable Building Resume:

Provide prospective employers with a sense of your unique strengths and genuine interest in a job opening. Use language from the job description and customize your document for each application.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

A summary statement consists of a few short phrases that appear near the top of your resume. Grab employers' attention by engaging with the requirements of the role you want.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

Make a stronger case for why you should get an available position by providing details about past projects. Use metrics or statistics to demonstrate the difference your expertise can make.