An alternative and holistic medicine practitioner uses a mixture of conventional and alternative medicine to alleviate pain and treat common ailments such as back pain, migraines, allergies, fertility problems, and obesity. Your resume should reflect your ability to combine the opposing methods and position yourself as the best candidate for the open position.

Crafting a resume is difficult, but it can be even more so when you must convey your acceptance of two different philosophies. With the assistance of a professional alternative and holistic medicine resume template and help from professionals, you can craft a submission that impresses hiring managers.


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The Bureau of Labor Statistics, anticipates that the field of alternative medicine will grow by as much as 12% in the coming years. While that is great news for practitioners, it does mean competition, which you can beat by craft a resume that is engaging, compelling, and convincing. You can best do this by using active voice and telling a story, as our alternative and holistic medicine resume templates do:

• Is familiar with biofeedback and homeopathy and has one year of relevant experience in Ayurvedic medicine
• Balances traditional medical practices with modern and alternative practices
• Supplements chiropractic therapy with other forms of medicine, such as massage and acupuncture
• Communicates well with patients regarding treatment, progress, and additional possible methods of care
• Can accurately diagnose patient problems and devise an effective treatment plan

An alternative and holistic medicine resume template can serve as a great starting point for your job search. However, there are certain tips that you can use to bring your resume to the next level and ensure it stands out in a sea of qualified candidates.

1. Personalize Your Alternative and Holistic Medicine Resume:

Help your resume stand out and customize it for each application. Use similar lingo and tone as the job ad so that your document speaks to each company's unique needs and wants.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

Think of your summary statement as an elevator pitch: If you had 15 seconds to explain your skills and value, what would you say? Use your answer as your summary statement.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

So, you're a good communicator? So is everyone else. Instead of using the cliché phrase, explain how your communication has helped patients reach optimum health in the past.