According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions for physicians and surgeons may grow at a rate of 13%. This faster-than-average growth means you may have a lot of competition for every opening. You need to set yourself apart from other applicants by making sure your document focuses on your most important skills and accomplishments in an efficient and straightforward way.

You can see real-world examples of how to craft an outstanding document by reviewing our physician and surgeon resume templates. With these examples and the accompanying writing tips, it's easy to understand how to create a reader-friendly document that will help you land a job.


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You do not want to gloss over your related experience. How you describe what you have done in the past can dictate whether an employer wants to meet you in person or not. The physician and surgeon resume templates show how you can build an industry-specific work history section. Use our other examples and writing tips to help you figure out the best formatting, too.

• Direct nurses, residents, and other medical staff to ensure procedures performed appropriately
• Collaborate with medical specialists when necessary to create better treatment options for patients
• Design treatment plans based on patient symptoms and test results
• Discuss proper nutrition, hygiene, and exercise with patients to improve overall health
• Answer patient questions and address their concerns to make them comfortable with treatments and procedures

If you really want to impress hiring managers, you need to craft a strong document specific to the job at hand. The physician and surgeon resume templates give you a great place to start, but you should use these tips to take your document even further:

1. Personalize Your Physician and Surgeon Resume: Every time you send in your resume, you should tailor it to the job you want. This means reading through each job description to find language and keywords you can incorporate in your own document.
2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement: The opening paragraph needs to draw readers in. In three sentences or fewer, go over your most impressive accomplishments, qualifications, and experiences to make your fit for the job clear.
3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences: To make your resume specific to you, try to point out your skills in context. Most physicians have good problem-solving skills, but you can point out a specific time you used this skill to succeed in your job.