Ensure that you wow hiring managers by putting together a winning resume. Use our collection of law enforcement and security resume templates to explore the various ways to present your accomplishments, skills, and experience, and prepare a resume to help you get your foot in the door of a new career.


Free Law Enforcement and Security Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

Explore our collection of law enforcement and security resume templates and examples.

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It is necessary for you to create a resume that stands out from the crowd. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates just an average job growth for law enforcement and security careers, which means competition for jobs. You must capture the attention of a hiring manager by attracting the eye to the skills you have that make you a perfect fit for careers in this field. For example, professional abilities that make you a good choice include the ability to remain calm under pressure, an understanding of the law, and good people skills.

We provide you with law enforcement and security resume templates written by professionals that serve as handy guides to writing a smashing resume. This informative page contains plenty of information to help you properly write and construct your resume to really grab the eye of a hiring manager. You'll find advice on how to correctly list your skills, education, and experience in the best way to set you apart. We also provide other resources to lead you to further information so you can write the best possible resume.

Security Guard Resume Template

As you work on your security guard resume, consider that employers look for individuals who have strong attention to detail, good communication skills, and solid judgment. They want to hire someone who is trustworthy and who can handle the long hours often required on the job. Emphasize in your document past experience that showcases the sought-after skills, and those within the industry. Consider the law enforcement and security resume templates for security guards as you begin to write your own. Use them as a guide to what information to include and how to structure your document.

Police Officer Resume Template

When writing a resume to help you secure a job as a police officer, you want to focus on drawing attention to your skills and training. This is a very demanding job that can be dangerous; you must get the point across that you are physically and mentally capable of handling the daily duties. It also helps if you demonstrate how past positions have prepared you for this line of work. For example, a past job in customer service shows you can handle demanding people and fast-paced situations. Look over our law enforcement and security resume templates for ideas on how to put together your resume.

Detective Resume Template

Detective positions usually require plenty of past experience working in law enforcement. Due to this, a hiring manager is likely to pay a lot of attention to the experience section of your resume. Make sure you provide details and complete information on your previous positions. Draw attention to noteworthy accomplishments that set you apart from others vying for the job. See how to do this by looking over our law enforcement and security resume templates. Take the lead from them as you write to ensure your resume gets the right information across to impress a hiring manager, and do not forget to explain your training background, too.

Correctional Officer Resume Template

Managers often focus on your skills when making a decision for a correctional officer position. You want to show him or her that you can handle the demands of this job. You have to be physically capable of dealing with prisoners, while also having good people skills. You want to show you are a good communicator, have strong self-control, and have the capability to make quick decisions. You want to draw attention to any specific achievements or past experiences that showcase these specific skills. If you have training specifically in corrections, give that a prominent place on your resume as well.

Protective Services Resume Template

Protective services covers a large range of jobs, including police officers, correctional officers, and security. Such positions require the standard skills expected in law enforcement, such as the ability to work under pressure and make fast decisions. Hiring managers look for those capable of dealing with the often dangerous and demanding situations that come with the job. When creating your resume, ensure it is clean and professional. Only included information related to the opening. Look over sample resumes to get a good idea of how to structure yours and what to include in it.

These are just some examples of the different law enforcement and security resume templates we offer. We invite you to further explore our collection and to get inspired to write your own resume. You'll find a range of different resumes for various careers in the field from entry-level to experienced.

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