The legal field is a competitive one with an average growth rate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, meaning you need a resume that stands out from the dozens or hundreds of other applicants' as you search for employment. Start with our resume-writing best practices to learn how to personalize your document and put your best foot forward.

Our attorney and lawyer resume templates are also helpful for learning how to organize your information and gain the reader's attention by providing the right information. Remember, the better your resume is, the more likely you are to receive interview calls.


Free Legal Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

Browse templates and job-specific examples of professional legal resumes.


Did you know the phrasing you use to list your information is a determining factor for many interviewers? Like our attorney and lawyer resume templates, your document should include strong action words at the beginning of each experience bullet point. It is also important to use the same keywords, phrases, and acronyms that the job descriptions do if you want the reader to notice your resume.

• Meet with clients to discuss their legal needs, coach them on presenting themselves in court, and represent them in court
• Interpret laws and regulations as well as court rulings, and use everyday terminology to help clients understand their cases
• Prepare documents related to legal proceedings, including legal briefs, opinions, and paperwork related to filing appeals
• Gather evidence for court cases by finding relevant documents and interviewing clients, witnesses, and other individuals
• Assist with the development of state programs, including drafting legislation and establishing procedures for law enforcement

A strong resume is extremely important in such a competitive field. While our attorney and lawyer resume templates are a great starting point, you must work to customize your resume and make it stand out to the reader. Use the following tips and tricks to help your document advance through the hiring process.

1. Personalize Your Attorney and Lawyer Resume:

Submitting the same resume to every job posting makes you seem uninterested in any specific position. Customize your document to match each job description, matching language and keywords for each one.

2. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

Interviewers want to know what makes you the best, so don't be afraid to sell yourself. List examples of your accomplishments and awards where possible, including quantitative information when you have it.

3. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

Don't use an outdated objective on your resume. Instead, create a personal summary that focuses on your biggest achievement in the field and some of the skills you have that make you an excellent candidate.