If you want to land a job as an organizational developer, you need to convince a potential employer that you are ready to make strategic and effective improvements to company operations. The work may be challenging, so you need to sell your accomplishments and qualifications so a hiring manager knows he or she can trust you with the company's people and operations.

Start by studying our library of organizational development resume templates submitted by real-world professionals. You can compare your own document to make sure it meets professional standards. With our additional writing tips, you can craft a stunning resume.


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While the content of your resume is important, it's just as imperative to make your previous jobs sound intriguing and impressive. As you can see in our organizational development resume templates, using strong action words and industry terms from the job description helps. Find more inspiration with these examples:

• Analyze existing organizational structures to identify weaknesses and develop strategies to improve efficiency, morale, and overall performance
• Encourage input from all employees, and utilize collected data to understand existing thoughts and goals of the workforce
• Develop new organizational structures and departments to better meet company goals, and apply employee suggestions
• Study existing training methods and results to determine efficacy, and make changes to instructors, curriculum, and hands-on training as necessary
• Implement new communication and feedback tools to encourage collaboration and participation from employees of all levels

You can find numerous high-quality resources that teach you how to write a resume. Pair these tips with our organizational development resume templates to get a good start on your own document. When you're ready to make the finishing touches, follow these simple steps:

1. Personalize Your Organizational Development Resume:

Tailoring the focus and language of your resume to match the job description can help a reader easily see how you meet the requirements. Include a few key terms directly from the job ad.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

Catch your reader's attention by including your most impressive qualifications in the top third of your document. Use a few sentences to pitch the key ways you're perfect for the job.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

A hiring manager doesn't need to read about your daily tasks in previous positions. Instead, prove you're a successful organizational developer by briefly describing some specific accomplishments, using metrics to quantify your results.