A successful case manager nurse is an excellent communicator, a creative problem-solver, and organized. You can show a hiring manager you possess all these qualities when you create a well-written, strategically structured, and detail-oriented resume. Wow your reader with your skills and accomplishments and prove you would be the best candidate for the job.

When you need advice on formatting and which information to include, our case manager resume templates are easy to read through and full of helpful ideas. Make a resume you’re proud of with assistance from real-world jobseekers and the professionals who provide us with examples.


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You can have extensive qualifications and still not receive an interview if your resume is poorly structured, contains spelling errors, or comes across as generic. Because communication and organization are two key skills a case manager nurse must have, you need to know how to use engagingly active language and phrases from the job posting, as shown in our case manager resume templates.

• Manage caseload efficiently and prioritize patients effectively in compliance with company guidelines and all regulations
• Evaluate patients using various equipment and tests to assess the severity of their injuries or disability
• Collaborate with social workers, physicians, and administrators as well as patients’ families and loved ones to ensure quality care
• Care for patients in a variety of settings including hospitals, homes, and communities such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes
• Obtain necessary resources for patient care and distribute them in a fiscally wise and responsible manner

Using our case manager resume templates can help make your resume better. Implementing these writing tips can make it even more polished and impactful. Take advantage of these few simple steps to give your resume the professional touch it needs to catch the attention of a hiring manager.

1. Personalize Your Case Manager Resume:

Hiring managers might notice if you submit the same generalized resume to multiple companies. Customize your document to each company by including keywords from each job description to impress hiring managers.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

Don’t wait until the skills and qualifications section of your resume to point out the value you could bring to a company. Entice a hiring manager by emphasizing your worth in the summary statement.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

While you can say, "made a difference in the lives of patients," it is much more effective to provide a brief description of a particular time you had a lasting impact on a patient’s life.