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The key to landing a good sales job is having a strong resume. Learn what makes an application convincing and appealing by taking a look at this effective guide. We have included sales resume templates written by industry professionals to help you make your document all that it can be.


Free Sales Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

It takes a lot to enter a sales position. Write your resume with these resume samples.

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Before you write your resume, you should realize that the expectations for this simple document are much higher than you might suspect. There is a particular format that readers expect and only the strongest and most appealing resumes will truly get attention. One of the best strategies to make your document as effective as it can be is to take a close look at sales resume templates. These show you what employers hope to see and what aspects strengthen the document. We have compiled a huge number of sales resume samples from actual in-field professionals to make it as simple as possible to master resume-writing tips and strategies.

Remember that the skills you include play a big part in determining how effective your resume is. Not only do you need to demonstrate that you qualify and have relevant experience, you can take your resume to the next level by altering it depending on which job you apply for. Hiring managers often list certain skills and qualities in the job description, which lets you know which skills they prioritize that you should include. Use this tip and the following guide to create the strongest and most eye-catching resume you possibly can.

Customer Service Resume Template

Resumes for careers in the customer services field need to revolve around communication abilities, because that is the most important aspect of those jobs. You need to demonstrate that you can interact with customers clearly and tactfully as you work to resolve whatever requests or complaints they may have. It is a good idea to mention both professional and interpersonal communication skills, as well as specific communication abilities such as negotiation, conflict resolution, upselling, and persuasion. Do not forget to include some of the more traditional sales skills as well.

Business Development Resume Template

If your sales resume falls into the business development category, there should be a bigger emphasis on business and management practices. Detail a good understanding of operational management. You should also discuss previous instances of success in leadership and entrepreneurship positions. If possible, describing previous businesses you have helped develop really emphasizes your abilities and proven track record, which greatly improves the way readers view what you bring to the table. Research what business fields apply to the position so you can establish your expertise in each field. These may include marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and, of course, sales.

Inside Sales Resume Template

Inside sales representatives are the professionals who remain in the company office and make sales calls to customers remotely. Because this is a subcategory of sales positions, you can specialize in the exact skills inside sales representatives need to have. There is a bigger emphasis on communicating via phone or email, rather than face-to-face conversations. Including some mention of expertise with standard office equipment is appropriate. Even though this is the main focus on your resume, you should also include all the standard sales aspects as well, including professional communication, product knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving, and others as seen on the sales resume templates.

Outside Sales Resume Template

Outside sales representatives are the opposite of inside sales reps. They specialize in leaving the office to meet with clients in person. This may take the form of long business trips or short visits to other professional offices. As you would expect, there is a different set of skills that complements this specialization. Interpersonal communication is more important because you need to interact with clients before and after the sales conversation, unlike a phone call which gets right into the sales pitch. Oftentimes, these resumes can also incorporate travel abilities or cultural versatility.

Retail Resume Template

There are different expectations for retail sales professionals than those who work in the business field. The biggest difference is that there is less of an emphasis on strict professionalism and more of a focus on versatility, multitasking, and swiftness. The retail environment is more hectic than the office environment, meaning professionals in this field must be ready for anything. When business gets busy, you need to step up and work hard to serve all the customers as quickly and tactfully as possible. All these abilities need to be clear on your resume.

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