Science technicians have professional opportunities in a number of fields. They sometimes need to work in a lab while in other instances they will aid criminal investigations to analyzing evidence. Whichever you do, you need to know the proper format to include in your resume. See for yourself what that entails by reviewing as many of our science technician resume templates as you can.

Chances are high your resume is already pretty good. However, that may not be enough when you go up against other professionals in your field. Your resume needs to be fantastic to catch the eye of hiring managers.


Free Science Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

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Many people who have bachelor’s degrees in forensic science, biology, or chemistry would do well to seek work as a science technician. Reading our science technician resume templates gives you an idea of what information is good to include, but you also want to pay attention to formatting. You need to use language and terminology similar to what you found in the job ad. Additionally, you need to begin each statement with an active verb.

• Maintain, operate, and sterilize laboratory apparatus and equipment
• Interpret test results and laboratory findings to identify evidence, materials, and other substances
• Examine physical evidence, including soil residue, wood, fiber, and hair to determine its source
• Use chemicals to examine fingerprint evidence and compare that evidence to what exists in company’s database
• Quantify and identify poisons and drugs found in people’s systems at the scenes of crimes

Before you start reading the science technician resume templates, there are some very easy ways to instantly improve your resume. There is a chance you have already done the following, but if you have not, then you need to do these actions immediately:

1. Personalize Your Science Technician Resume:

A strong foundation involves customizing the resume to the precise company you send it to. Find keywords in the job ad you can include in your application that will make it clear you read the listing.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

The summary statement is the first thing on the page. If it is poor, then most hiring managers will stop reading right there. Give them a reason to continue reading by including outstanding accomplishments in this section.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

Quantifiable metrics will take your resume to the next level and emphasize your skill set. Key details make you stand out more because hiring managers now associate you with something significant.