A well-written resume is like a well-run practice: nobody wins The Big One without it. These sports resume templates can put you ahead of the competition with job-specific writing. Find the right combination of expert coaching and professional examples to help you get the career you want.


Free Sports Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

Find successful sports resume templates with industry-specific details and examples.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that sports jobs will grow by 10% between 2016 and 2026. Organizations will hire athletes, coaches, trainers, referees, and other staff to swell the number of people employed by almost 80,000.

The best way to maximize your chances of getting a job is to customize your resume. By matching what you write to the position, you look like the ideal fit for potential employers. Spending the extra effort for each application may seem like a hassle, but there are ways to save your energy.

Sports resume templates not only help tailor your resume, they also save you writing time. You start with the framework already finished, leaving you to only fill in the details. You can find templates for a specific job title within the sports industry, which allows you to concentrate your submission on the right position.

Industry professionals created these templates, so they have sports-specific writing built into them. Sports jobs attract competitive people by their nature. Attack the application process with the same focus an athlete approaches game preparation. Your resume is your introduction, so an effective one is like the perfect start to a game.

Athlete Resume Template

While your ability to perform is king, even a professional athlete can benefit from having a resume. It demonstrates to organizations and sponsors that you take competing as seriously as any job. Because you‰'re applying for an unconventional position, consider picking a template design to match. It‰'s important to use the style that best spotlights your qualities as an athlete. You can also use it as a reminder of degrees you hold, awards you‰'ve won, or titles you‰'ve held. Coaches love athletes with intangibles, so use your resume to push soft skills such as leadership ability and interpersonal aptitude.

Coach Resume Template

According to an O*net Online survey, 90% of coaches have a college degree, and many coaching positions ask for a bachelor's degree. Lower levels want coaches to prepare athletes for the rigors of college academics, and professional organizations want leaders with more education. A solid education section is a crucial asset to your resume. Start with your most recent degree and move on to past listings. This is also the place to include any internships or graduate assistant positions you've filled. If you haven't graduated, feel free to include coursework you've completed. You can also add degrees you're in the process of finishing.

Trainer Resume Template

Athletic training is a booming profession, with an increase of 23% projected between 2016 and 2026. All levels of competition are adding trainers both on their own and by law. Organizations now understand the importance of trainers in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Despite the increase, the best jobs still go to the most qualified candidates. Separate yourself by adding desirable soft skills such as clear-cut speech and a good memory. Rather than stating you have these qualities, show them in your work history. Write that you discussed prevention programs with coaches. You could also say you kept track of 100 players' injury plans.

Team Manager Resume Template

Team managers are the unseen heroes of sports organizations. Their job is to handle the daily tasks that keep competitors going. The best candidates think on their feet, multitask well, and display an eye for detail. Among sports jobs, team manager is one of the most likely to have the normal application process. This makes choosing the ideal sports resume templates even more important. Compose a strong summary statement that focuses attention on your personal brand. Teams want organized managers doing the day-to-day work. Show this by creating a neat and orderly resume.

Referee Resume Template

Sports official positions are one of the most competitive in the industry. This is because it isn't growing at the same speed as other sports jobs. Use your resume to set yourself apart from other candidates. Organized and concise writing can lend your application a sense of decisiveness. If you have a lot of experience, choose a template style that draws attention to it. If you lack experience, pick an example that points out your other qualities. Point out skills such as accurate ruling, clear communication, and critical thinking.

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