Employers still value informative cover letters because they allow them to quickly scan the letters to see if the job candidate is qualified for the position. They also give a taste of the applicant’s personality.

Although they are not much fun to write, the effort is worth it. However, to find just the right words for a business development cover letter can be a difficult task. The business development cover letter sample included here provides a good example.

You must figure out what the company wants to see about your background and deliver that in your letter. The fact is, if you want the business development job, you need to fight for it.

A business development cover letter is a perfect tool to convince the company that you are the right applicant to hire. Create a cover letter that will be captivating enough to read

Please review our advice and business development cover letter sample below to assist you in creating your own cover letter that shines.

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Business Development Cover Letter Sample

Dear Ms. Hartford,

I can’t believe it has been over 12 years since I started my own tiny business right out of college. Although my marketing courses prepped me for the technical and professional aspects of marketing a business, my real inspiration came from jobs I had as a child and teenager. From the lemonade stand to the after-school and summer work at my parent’s hardware store, I learned what people want from products and what they need to hear from the person who is helping them with their buying decisions.

I recently sold my handyman and construction business because I received an offer I couldn’t refuse. Then, after about six months of doing a little traveling, I decided that I needed to re-enter the work force and utilize my business development and marketing skills to help deserving businesses. That’s when I came across your job listing for a business development professional to help market and grow your business.

I developed my marketing skills from my education and running my own business that made me successful beyond my dreams. Through trial and error, I discovered what worked and what didn’t, as well as what was cost-effective versus a waste of money.

I ran my social media, advertising, and marketing programs which generated leads so quickly, my business went from two employees to more than 20 in one year. By the time I sold the business, I had more than 220 employees. My self-determination, work ethic, and will to succeed were the keys to my success in quickly growing my company.

I would be pleased to assist your renowned national construction company with the skills I have developed to help you continue to grow and prosper. I hope to hear from you soon.


Chris Connors