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Should I Use Infographic Resume Templates?

Infographic resume templates are layouts that, like a good data visualization or infographic, use visuals to bring your critical career information to life in a way that’s fast and easy to digest. From a cognitive perspective, these kinds of resume templates are supposed to make it easier for the 50 percent of our brain dedicated to visual function to process key points more efficiently.

So why wouldn’t you wow a recruiter or hiring leader with a slick and savvy illustration that not only uses text to tout your accomplishments, but it also drives home your creativity with a matching image?

Well, for one, many companies rely on an applicant tracking system (ATS) to initially scan resumes and weed out unqualified candidates. This software relies primarily on keyword matching and has a relatively difficult time understanding even the most basic visuals, like tables. Accordingly, including something as complex as an infographic resume may mean your application never makes it past the machines into human hands.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use an infographic resume, it just means you should be mindful of when to send such a document.

When to Send an Infographic Resume Template

You’ve made it past an ATS and have already been contacted by a recruiter or hiring leader for an official screen. Now you can pass on the more engaging version of your resume to the humans who’ll evaluate you in future.

You’ve been referred directly to a hiring leader or contact within a company.

You’re not sending your resume digitally. In this case, make sure you have a high-quality version of your printed application.

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