Choose the right resume for any type of job from our large collection of food and beverage resume templates. We make it simple to compare and customize resume designs for bartender, busser, cook, and related food and beverage positions and create a resume that will help you get the job you want.


Free Food and Beverage Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

See top resume templates for the food and beverage industry with job-specific examples.

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The food and beverage industry is always developing and changing. Job market experts predict that this field will grow at a steady rate over the next several years. The forecast for restaurant positions is even brighter. The number of processing jobs is also growing at a slower rate.

We have food and beverage resume templates for bar, restaurant, or processing positions. Start by comparing samples and choosing a design. We make it easy to customize this document and make a polished resume. Our resume samples have job-specific text from real users seeking jobs. Learn how to meet or exceed employer expectations in every resume section. Our templates and writing tools can help you format and fill out your document. Find out how to write a resume that will make a positive impression on employers.

If you are seeking a job in food service, we can help you write a resume that shows off your cooking skills. Hosts and servers usually need business and service skills. Food or beverage processing may call for other traits. No matter what kind of job you want, we have templates that can help you get hired.

Bartender Resume Template

A professional resume can help you land the bartending position you want. This job is growing at a slower rate than other food and beverage jobs. The right resume template for a bartender may depend on your experience and skills. If you have worked at a bar before, you should choose a design that emphasizes your experience. Try to focus on the skills you bring to a bartender position if you are changing careers. You should also choose a template design that suits the establishment where you want to work.

Cook Resume Template

A resume for a cook position should be informative and organized. Explain the extent of your experience and cover any relevant skills and training. Try to make it easy for employers to get a sense of your abilities and areas of specialization. A solid resume can help a restaurant manager decide whether you are the best choice for a cook position. Use one of our top food and beverage resume templates to stand out from the competition. We have many templates designs for different cook or chef jobs.

Host Hostess Resume Template

Hosts and hostesses fill some of the most visible positions in a restaurant setting. Applicants should have excellent communication skills, thrive under pressure, and love solving problems. Start by matching the type of restaurant where you want to work with a resume template design. Consider an elegant layout when applying to a high-end restaurant. You might choose a simple and straightforward design instead for a casual cafe. A great resume can help you get hired even if you have never worked as a host or hostess before. The right template can help you present yourself to employers as a professional.

Food Processing Resume Template

Food processing jobs often call for a very different set of skills than food service jobs. You may not need any customer service skills to fill a position in food preparation or packaging. A successful candidate may point out his or her ability to operate machinery. Employees sometimes need to perform regular inspections. Some positions may call for candidates to learn how to process or package food as well. Resumes for food processing positions should be clean and organized. Personalize one of our food and beverage resume templates. Make your piece reflect the requirements for this role as well as your own unique strengths.

Busser Resume Template

Bussers play a major part in keeping customers and food moving through a restaurant. Applicants for a busser position should identify the necessary qualifications. These involve a combination of physical strength, organizational skills, and good time management. A busser’s standard duties include serving food and clearing tables. Depending on how busy a restaurant gets, managers may ask bussers to perform more tasks. Once you decide which skills to include, you are ready to start writing your resume. This document should cover your relevant abilities and experience in food service establishments. Browse or search our template collection to find the best busser template.

These are just a few selections from our large collection of food and beverage resume templates. Search for designs for other positions in this industry. You can find templates for prep cooks, sommeliers, servers, and more. We base our examples and layouts on real resumes from jobseekers in this field.

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