Working in a fast food environment can feel like you're caught in a whirlwind. You likely have several responsibilities at once and have to deliver excellent service while keeping the line moving. Your resume should portray your ability to work in a fast-paced and high-stress environment.

In our fast food resume templates, you'll find real-world examples of how to showcase your capabilities. You can also browse our writing tips to learn how to enhance your document's format and content to pique the interest of hiring managers.


Free Food And Beverage Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

Browse templates and job-specific examples of professional food and beverage resumes.


A resume is more than a list of skills and work history. As you may notice when browsing our fast food resume templates, how you organize and phrase your content can say a lot about you. When detailing previous job duties, be sure to mirror the job ad's tone and incorporate keywords from the posting. You can also make a strong impression by choosing strong action verbs like so:

• Take orders from customers in a polite and friendly manner, complete orders with accuracy and efficiency
• Answer questions about products, store and corporate policy, and provide operation information such as business hours
• Process payments quickly and accurately, provide correct change to customers, and maintain knowledge of any promotions or special offers
• Deliver finished orders to waiting customers, offer excellent customer service, and troubleshooting in the event of delay or error
• Clean environment in accordance with health standards; stock front counter with cups, straws, and flatware

While your resume should be as unique as you are, there are certain tips that can help you create a document of substance. Our fast food resume templates illustrate several of these steps, which are relatively simple. Keep these techniques in mind as you write your resume.

1. Personalize Your Fast Food Resume:

Every new application should include a resume updated to suit the job posting. You don't need to make huge changes each time, but you should include any specific information requested by specific employers.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

Your summary statement is the first thing hiring managers see, and it should tell them the most important things about you. Use this space to emphasize the traits and experiences that make you perfect for the role.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

Take advantage of your wealth of customer service stories to illustrate the value you can add to an employer's company. Keep your examples to the point, but include important details where possible.