Quality and value for their employee dollars are what most employers are searching for. They want the right person for the job who will fit right in and start producing. The cover letter can quickly give this information. A catchy cover letter that covers all the bases is what could get you in the door.

Executive administrative assistants can have a tough time creating these letters. They wonder what the company is looking for, and fear that they could seem vain if they discuss their awards and accomplishments. The fact is, it is important to let them know how good you are so they will want to hire you.

A cover letter can still make you stand out among other top applicants and tells the company you want the job. If it is done right, your letter will have a great chance of being read.

For assistance in learning how to write a cover letter, review our executive administrative assistant cover letter sample and advice below to assist in creating your own unique cover letter.

Create My Cover Letter

Executive Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Applebee,

I enjoy managing social media accounts, marketing campaigns, and organizing company events more than any other task. So, when I came across your job listing for an executive administrative assistant, I was happy to see that the requirements paired well with my background.

Your company's social media presence and online marketing and advertising are well-developed and highly innovative. I am truly impressed with the content. The videos, podcasts, photos, contests, links, and stimulating content was eye-catching and kept my attention, which is what it needs to do every time.

I currently work for the president of a medium size telecom company. I have been tasked with the same responsibilities you are looking for, and I have continued my training by attending seminars and taking courses to keep me updated with the latest social media and marketing techniques.

My employer's marketing and advertising results have skyrocketed in the last three years since I have managed the social media end of advertising, and I am proud to say that our company won multiple awards for social media participation and innovation. I think I could help with your social media marketing plan for your CEO, as well as keep his schedule and appointments organized and productive.

I do hope that you will allow me to show you my portfolio of marketing ideas and my unique scheduling program that kept my company president's work day on track.

I will await your call or email to discuss this fantastic job opportunity further.

Sincerely Yours,

Beverly Peterson