A strong cover letter can add immeasurable value to your job application. While resumes are mandatory, not all employers ask for a cover letter. Cover letters aren’t fun to write. They’re tedious, take a lot of time, and need a lot of thinking. And sometimes, it’s hard to find an adequate balance between demonstrating your interest and proving that you have the necessary skills. However, you should always attach a cover letter anyway. A well-written one can make the experiences on your resume come alive.

For HR employees, an engaging cover letter is of particular importance. The role of an HR coordinator includes hiring other jobseekers who will also submit applications with cover letters, so it's important to prove that you can do it yourself. If you have trouble with writing a cover letter, study our HR coordinator cover letter sample and accompanying writing tips to learn how to create an effective one.

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HR Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Jessica Woodman
Cupertino, CA 95014

October 14, 2018

Dear Jessica Woodman,

As a human resources professional with eight years of experience, I’d love to bring my expertise to your human resources team at Zendeck in your Human Resources Coordinator role.

Zendeck has an amazing company culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance and giving back to the surrounding community. With my experiences in building communities within workplaces, I know I can strengthen Zendeck’s existing culture and attract top talent.

Allow me to explain. Your ideal candidate can promote company culture with every new hire, and conduct orientation for new employees without much prior training. I am perfect for this role because I also have experience interacting with potential candidates, acting as a mediator between hiring managers and potential employees, establishing organizational policies, and training new hires. During my three years at Palanto, I assisted with a variety of duties including sourcing new hires at both associate and senior levels, conducting interviews with potential employees, and implementing events such as Employee Field Day and Give Back to Your Earth Day. Throughout my time there, I helped scale the company from around 200 employees to over 500 employees and saw increased employee satisfaction from 74% to 86%.

Because the employees determine the culture at the company, I believe that I’m that perfect fit for your role. I’d love to bring my creativity, detail-orientation, and community building skills to Zendeck’s human resources team. I welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss this opportunity further.

Respectfully yours,

Cecily Malkovich