Discover if you are right for the position and the culture of the company. It is true that not all cover letters are read, but if you supply one, you still have a decent chance at going higher up the list of candidates.

It can be difficult to know what the employer is looking for when you are creating a compelling personal assistant cover letter. Review our internship cover letter sample below and the tips that follow to create your own unique cover letter that just may get you the job.

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Internship Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Bloomberg,

I started trading stocks and bonds when I was only five years old because my dad was a trader on Wall Street. He would bring me to his workplace sometimes, and boy, was it a fascinating sight to see when the stock market went way up, and unbelievably sad when it shot down. I grew up knowing that I would follow in my dad's footsteps because let's face it, nothing is quite as stimulating and dramatic as betting on the volatile stock market. Trading is my chosen occupation because I love all there is to love about it.

When I saw your opening for a stock trader intern, and noticed which Wall Street company it was, I rushed to get my resume to you because your firm is one of the oldest and finest in the business. My credentials and skills are listed on my resume, and I believe my master's degree in finance and my MBA meet your educational requirements. My practical investing and trading experience also matches your requested experience for the internship.

I was also in the top five percent of my class at Yale. I can stay calm under the extreme pressure the brokerage and trading world brings to the table. That could help my future clients stay calm and secure, knowing that I am taking care of their finances. My skills could help your company's client growth and retention.

I look forward to hearing from you. I would like to chat about all my incredible experiences growing up on Wall Street and how these experiences can allow me to help your firm's bottom line.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jacob Sheldon