One of the toughest tasks ever is writing a cover letter that will inspire the reader to consider you for the job. Even new teachers don't like writing cover letters. They may say that no one reads them, so they can't be that important. It is a fact that cover letters are not dead yet and most employers still expect them to be included.

A new teacher cover letter sample can make the principal notice you right away. Even if there are tons of qualified new teachers applying for the job, if you create and supply an inspiring cover letter, you will greatly increase your odds at getting that coveted interview.

It is so difficult to create an elegantly written cover letter for a new teacher position. If you review our new teacher cover letter sample below to create your own unique cover letter, it can help you tremendously.

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New Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Dear Principal Collins,

I wanted to share why I became a teacher, even though it is not the most financially rewarding career. My mother has been a teacher for 25 years and has never regretted her decision. So, when contemplating a college degree to pursue, I chose elementary school teaching just like my mother did. I graduated last month, and I am ready to bring you my enthusiasm and talent to inspire your wonderful students to learn, learn, learn!

Giving these young children a good educational start is my main goal and priority. I have taken extra courses in the emotional and psychological aspects of teaching to ensure my students are prepared for the difficult future they will face. I helps me understand their special needs. I am familiar with your school's background, and I understand that you provide an excellent support system to help the teachers achieve their goals. This is a big reason why I am so interested in working with your students and school.

I will concentrate my full attention on my teaching duties, the school, and the welfare of the students. I have a bachelor's degree in elementary school education. My GPA was 3.9, and I was in the top 5 percent of my class because I wanted to be the best teacher I could be. I have interned with three different elementary schools, so I have some practical teaching experience to bring to the new teacher opening.

I am enthusiastic and excited to go forth and begin my new teaching career. It would be a privilege to teach at your award-winning elementary school. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Angelina Guillot